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Property Inspection Company Employs Custom Franchise Management Software

National Property Inspections, an industry leader in home and commercial inspections with over three decades of service, enlisted the services of Chetu’s software development experts to build a custom franchise management software.

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It was a Great Experience, Chetu’s Team was Very Detail Oriented, Very Easy to Communicate With, and They Also Did a Great Job of Understanding Our Needs. Chetu Met All of Our Expectations. I Think There is a Good Chance We May Come Back to Chetu.

- Michael Lane, CTO of National Property Inspections

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- Real Estate

Technology Leveraged:

- .NET CORE 6.0

- Data Server-SQL 2019

- Visual Studio 2022

Project Solution:

- Development of franchise management system using .NET CORE facility management application.

NPI, Leader in Residential and Commercial Property Inspections

National Property Inspections assists clients in making sound investment decisions by providing comprehensive residential and commercial real estate inspection services throughout North America. NPI helps a wide range of clients, including home buyers and sellers, banks, field service companies, attorneys, and commercial property investors.

As an industry leader for over three decades, NPI also partners with other companies as a franchisor, providing these businesses with the valuable tools they need to help them grow and succeed in the property inspections industry.

A multi-faceted organization with distinct IT needs, NPI enlisted Chetu to develop its franchise management software and build a custom web-based CRM platform. The company had been dealing with unresolved issues with its existing CRM system for almost two years, as it was unable to integrate with other software and provide certain capabilities to team members and franchisees.

NPI Taps Chetu to Develop its Franchise Management Software System

Prior to NPI’s project with Chetu, NPI was spending an exorbitant amount of money for a franchise CRM system that the company would never fully utilize. It also lacked integral features, such as a portal, a Royalty/KPI management module, and additional management tools that the organization needed.

David Stamper, President and CFO of NPI, was looking for a total solution that would allow the company to build and track its franchises, create and obtain leads for new franchise opportunities, utilize a support ticketing module, and run reports for insurance, warranties, and licensing associated with franchise management.

Mr. Stamper decided the best way to move forward was to develop exactly what was needed internally. The goal was to build something cost-effective, purpose-built, and specific to the company’s requirements that would enable it to run and operate all aspects of its franchise component seamlessly.

After conducting some research and looking at a few companies, Mr. Stamper chose Chetu for this project, stating:

“Chetu made sense for our budgetary purposes, the cost being a main component in the decision. Seeing other things that Chetu’s developers had accomplished also helped. Then, when we actually got to working with the team, I was super impressed with how everything was handled.”

Creating a Custom Franchise Management Software

The objective for this project was to develop a property inspection portal based on NPI’s existing CRM. The portal would include a dashboard comprised of a task summary that would be illustrated graphically. In addition, it would include a list of franchisees with real-time updating capabilities. Also, it would contain a support ticketing system, a royalty/KPI management component, reporting functionality, as well as a list of links, and an FAQ page.

Once fully developed, this customized property inspection portal would provide NPI with great benefits, including streamlined operations and employee processes, as well as valuable insights gained through marketing and cost analysis tools.

Custom Integrations and Back-End Programming

Chetu’s plan for the project was to develop a portal with a layered MVC (model, view, controller) architecture, starting with a database schema and a .NET CORE 6.0 framework for application development. An HTML5 and JQuery-based .NET CORE facility management application was used, and .NET CORE coding standards were followed.

.NET Core is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework for developing windows, web applications, services, and mobile applications. It can be run on Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems. The development environment for this project included Visual Studio 2022, Data Server-SQL 2019, and TFS (source control tool). The QA testing environment was on a Windows operating system.

A Custom Franchise Management Solution

Chetu’s expert developers built custom franchise management software that proved to fulfill project objectives and meet client expectations. Michael Lane, CTO of National Property Inspections, was impressed with the product and offered a laudatory review of the efforts:

“Chetu’s team was incredibly professional. They listened, they were very responsive, and they delivered. The product I looked at was completely usable and functional. It was a well-crafted product. It looked clean; we did code scans on it, and all the scans were positive.”

While the system is yet to be officially deployed, Mr. Stamper also had positive feedback and future outlook about the project:

“It was a great experience, Chetu’s team was very detail oriented, very easy to communicate with, and they also did a great job of understanding our needs. Chetu met all of our expectations. I think there is a good chance we may come back to Chetu.”

In addition to Chetu’s ability to identify the client’s needs and communicate effectively, Chetu’s in-depth knowledge of franchise management software applications made this project a successful endeavor.

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