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Custom Personal Finance Application Development

ACTBEC Receipts Storage Co. LLC is a digital receipt storage company that enables customers to organize, store, and manage personal and business receipts by category and date.

Personal Finance Application Development

Chetu was so helpful. They communicated with us daily and pretty much held our hand throughout the entire process. It was really a great experience.

- Catherine May Almon, Executive



- Finance

Project Solutions:

- Personal Finance Application

- Budgeting Application

- Financial Tracker Application

Technology Used:

- C#

- Visual Studio 2019

- Xamarin.Forms

- .NET Core

Mobile Receipt Storage App Development

ACTBEC Receipts Storage wanted a mobile app that enables users to upload their receipts at any time, anywhere. Since the entire premise behind their business relied heavily on this mobile app, they called upon Chetu to make it happen.

Along with developing their mobile app, ACTBEC Receipts Storage also needed Chetu to create a single landing page website that included a link to download the mobile app on the App Store and Google Play.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Using Xamarin

Chetu’s developers used C# and Visual Studio 2019 with Xamarin.Forms and .NET core to create a mobile app that targets Android and iOS platforms.

The mobile app consumed REST API services to interact with the SQL Server database and used JSON data transmission formatting.

We implemented account registration features, along with the following functionalities and capabilities:

  • Registration : The user can register for a new account by inputting basic information.
  • Login Functionality : The user can log in to their account by inputting their username and password.
  • Password/Forgot Password : If the user forgets their password, they can click the “Forgot Password” button and request a new password.
  • Profile : The user can update their profile settings and details.
  • Add Expenses : The user can add expenses by providing details and capturing an image for any receipt using the image capture functionality.
  • List of Expenses : The user can obtain complete visibility over their expenses and edit any expenses by their category type.
  • Website : The user can download the app directly from the ACTBEC Receipts Storage website, where a direct link for the App Store and Google Play is displayed.

Due to Chetu’s efficient software development and delivery processes, the mobile application was completed on schedule and allowed ACTBEC Receipts Storage to modernize their brand by securing a mobile presence.

Complete Mobile Expense Tracking & Receipt Storage App

With the help of Chetu’s fintech experts, ACTBEC Receipts Storage was able to bring their business concept to code quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

ACTBEC Receipts Storage’s entire business model revolved around this mobile application’s success, and Chetu was thrilled to help this family business grow and prosper in today’s digital era.

Chetu provides custom mobile application software development services for all industry verticals and markets.

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