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Digital Publishing Software Services

Custom digital publishing software development including platforms for books, multimedia books, audiobooks, magazines, journals, newspapers, websites, blog sites, comics / graphic novels, professional / educational materials, online publishing, and other publication types.

Publishing Application Implementations

We program web-based and app-based digital publishing platforms for phones, tablets, e-readers, desktops and more. We build platforms used for creating content with responsive designs, including applications and forms, using apps like JotForm and WuFoo.

Publishing CMS Solutions

Content Management System (CMS) development including custom templates, versioning, access controls, metadata and tag title editors, plus automated SEO URL creation with What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) features.

ePublishing Software Modules

Development of electronic markup tools including descriptive / semantic, presentational, and procedural models. Engineering of file support features including file joining, conversion, compression, export to EPUB & e-reader platforms, and print to digital conversion.

Custom Publishing Integrations

We integrate social media tools and platforms plus program content syndication features including Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, embedding functions and subscription management. We program support for multiple formats including PSD, AI, QXP, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, DOC, PNG, AAC, RTF, HTML, XML, AAC, M4A, M4B, MP3, WMA, CD, and others.

Publishing Formatting Tools

We program advanced formatting solutions including image control, CMYK optimization, layout automation / synchronization, audio file optimization, custom typography development, and interactive app design.

Custom Publishing Programming

We code using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML / HTML5), Extensible Markup Language (XML), Unicode, Publishers Requirement for Industry Standard Metadata (PRISM) standards, plus other programming languages.

Publishing DRM Software

We engineer custom Digital Rights Management (DRM) software including digital / social watermarking, access control, royalties / subsidiary rights management, restrictive licensing agreements, product key algorithms and encryptions, persistent online authentication, electronic signature / DocuSign, and more features.

Information Rights Management Solutions

Programming of Information Rights Management (IRM) solutions defining users, content, and usage rights using Rights Expression Language (REL), Creative Commons REL (CC REL), plus Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) to define actions.

Desktop Publishing Software Development

Development of custom desktop publishing software and tools including edits and versioning management, file sharing platforms, data import / export, and more.

Publishing Content Production Services

We program solutions for content production and distribution optimization including project / workflow management apps and cloud storage solutions. Content formatting features programming including support for graphics / typography and complex content (tables, charts, graphs, mathematical symbols, etc.)

Multimedia Creation Software

Multimedia creation software development including custom branding, content protection, formatting / transition controls, photo rendering, multiple formats and files support, plus integrated distribution tools.

Collaboration Platform Configurations

Custom collaboration platform programming including file uploading / editing, format / layout control, article / author management, version control, archiving, multi-channel communications, discussion forums, task management modules, and other features.

Word Processing Modules

Programming of word processing applications including file management, font, header / footer, cross referencing, typesetting, kerning, formatting / flow, spell check, dictionary, thesaurus, cut / copy / paste, search, find, insert, and other features.

Subscription Management Services

Subscription management including central subscriber database, subscriber accounts / portals, order / inventory management, automated renewal notices, and advertising management features. We integrate subscription and circulation management software with marketing, e-commerce, billing, CRM, social media, and analytics features.

Circulation Management Solutions

Circulation management including route management / optimization, geo-fencing / geo-demographic mapping, multiple product delivery controls, real-time performance data, campaign / marketing management, and online circulation features.

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