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Integrated Downstream Oil and Gas Software Solutions

Our custom oil & gas downstream software solutions offer a singular user experience, along with consistent data that provides actionable insight in a timely manner.

Customer Portal

We develop comprehensive customer portals to enhance communication, and allow internal and external users to manage all of their transportation needs. Streamline shipping transactions, view and modify volumes and maintain customer accounts.

Contract and Deal Management

Reduce contract lifecycle management complexity to gain greater control over, and complete transparency into, all contractual obligations and associated business operations. Reduce enterprise risk, improve cross functionally and gain complete contractual transparency.

Acquisition and Supply

We streamline your scheduling process by delivering final scheduled quantities and allocations automatically into the acquisition dashboard with balancing and threading support as well as web nominations and automated balancing that save shippers time.

Contract Management Systems

We program contract and document management systems with routing approval engines, centralized storage repositories, mobile/web e-signature modules, and digital audit trails for multi-tenant collaboration.

Transportation Management

Optimize distribution, maintain regulatory compliance, and easily manage customer choice programs through real-time data access and simplified workflows that include user-centric dashboards and automated processes. Manage transactions, perform scheduling and track allocations and invoicing.


Generate built-in, ad hoc, or custom reports to view, analyze and present key operational data in order to better manage business decisions and maximize revenue. Generate business statements, analyze information and build custom performance reports.

Oil and Gas Downstream Production Solutions

Oil and gas software that simplifies refinery scheduling, supply chain management, and energy trading.

Oil and Gas Downstream Solutions

Our programmers create robust supply chain and trading management systems built with modules for dispatching, asset tracking, EDI, inventory management, purchasing, logistics, and more.

Refinery Scheduling Software

Programming of custom software for operational activities including feedstock scheduling, dock scheduling, product blending, product distribution and delivering final scheduled quantities and allocations into dashboards with balancing and threading support.

Downstream Supply Chain Management

We build custom software integrated dashboards for the entire process from crude procurement to product distribution including supply demand data, forecasting, backcasting, retro analysis and other LP model tools for evaluation.

Energy Trading and Risk Management

Programming of powerful Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) business intelligence solutions with commodity analytics for Earnings at Risk (EaR), Value at Risk (VaR), margins management, forecasting, and regulatory compliance / reporting capabilities.

Integrated Refinery Information System

We use service-oriented architectures (SOA) to create a centralized IT framework for comprehensive refinery information systems. Engineering of MES applications and tools to manage oil accounting systems and to optimize crude assays and their selection.

Core Integrated Solutions

From startups to mega corporations, companies of all sizes rely on Chetu for integrated solutions for accounting, retail management and customer portals.

Oil & Gas Back Office Accounting Software

Coding of back-office accounting systems with modules for invoicing, payment settlement, inventory valuation, and hedge accounting with 3rd party software integrations.

Retail Management Systems Services

We develop retail management systems integrated with CRMs, end-to-end retail automation solutions, and fuel card loyalty programs. These systems are also integrated with EMV-compliant POS terminals and gas pump solutions.

Downstream Customer Portals

We develop custom downstream customer portals featuring real-time data, up-to-date contract terms, and automated billing capabilities for large customers and deregulated markets.

Oil & Gas Software Development Solutions


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We’d love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions regarding downstream oil and gas software.

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