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Upstream Oil and Gas Software Solutions

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Oil and Gas Upstream Management Solutions

Chetu Optimizes land management with integrated features that provide robust functionality for lease acquisition, GIS mapping, lease management, and right of way.

Land and Lease Management System Software

Engineering of cloud-based Land Management Systems (LMS) to optimize functions capturing land agreements. Rely on a single source for land management data, in a complete solution that offers industry-proven functionality and workflow automation for lease and title analysts, land administrators, and other land professionals.

Lease Acquisition

We engineer real-time connections between your land department and land professionals in your field to explore areas faster and secure mineral rights more effectively. Leverage built-in workflows to establish ownership, track progress, and review and approve agreements instantly. Track broker performance, capture all critical data and mobilize your land professionals.

Field Service Management Software

Development of mobile field service management applications integrating real-time GPS data, multi-media capture capabilities, automated time and date stamping, and ERP systems into a centralized repository to track and schedule assets, automate data collection and compliance checklists.

GIS Mapping and Integrations

We code Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with 3rd party integrations including Esri for tract visualization, map editing, geofencing, geocoding, WITSML to acquire data to geosteer the wells with constant updates and other geospatial analytics for location-based KPIs. Visualize land assets, generate maps and analyze spatial data in real time.

Right of Way

We develop comprehensive project planning and management that make it possible for companies across industries - oil and gas, alternative energy, transportation, and more - to streamline right-of-way activities. We develop software that centralizes project management, in which it simplifies title management and payment obligations.

Oil and Gas Upstream Production Solutions

Oil and gas software that simplifies well and reservoir monitoring, accounting, oil extraction and production reporting.

SCADA Monitoring

We develop remote monitoring and control systems to connect with field well assets using an integrated SCADA software system tied to sensor hardware to monitor and track wells and equipment with custom reporting dashboards, condition-based alarms and standard encryption and archiving to safeguard data.

Reservoir Management Software Services

We integrate field development and reservoir management products and services including reservoir modelling, reservoir technology, flow simulation, well path design, well inflow simulation and drilling technology software products.

Oil and Gas Production Software

Custom oil and gas software development for managing upstream Exploration & Production (E&P) processes with advanced software systems to optimize workflows, integrated schedules for upstream assets, display real-time analytics, maintenance activities and revenue accounting.


We provide complete oil and gas accounting and administrative solutions supported by state-of-the-art software. We deliver accounting software services designed to increase operational efficiency while meeting the demands of an evolving workforce for energy companies.

Core Integrated Solutions

From startups to mega corporations, companies of all sizes rely on Chetu for integrated solutions for mobile applications, asset management and analytics.

Oil & Gas Upstream Mobile Applications

We provide applications with intuitive navigable User Interfaces (UI) and functionalities for mobile devices. These mobile application solutions allow for entering and tracking well data, making status updates, receiving production and tank reporting, email and text alerts allowing field operations to access critical engineering and operational documentation.

Oil & Gas Analytics Software

Development of configurable production analytics and reporting modules for real-time forecasting, well lifecycle tracking, wellbore histories, volumetric readings / measurements, authority for expenditure reports, reserves data management, trend analysis, budgeting and other production data.

Oil & Gas Asset Management

Programming of oil and gas asset management systems using RFID, barcode, and GPS technologies to track equipment with custom condition-based maintenance modules, instant data checks, flowback data and automated tank monitoring.

Oil & Gas Software Development Solutions


Drop us a line or give us ring. We’d love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding software solutions for upstream exploration.


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