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Chetu Develops Node.JS Apps Independent from Browsers

Robust, multi-user capable, suitable for both the client and the server: Node.JS's JavaScript runtime environment is ideal for your responsive, cross-compatible web project, and Chetu is ideal for designing this custom software.

Node.JS MEAN Stack Development

The Node.JS runtime environment allows JavaScript to run on both the back end and front end, independent of a Web browser. Chetu's Node.JS development is smooth and efficient in combination with the other apps and frameworks in MEAN stack development.

Node.JS Streaming Video Programming

Node.JS can process video streams as they load, reducing latency and lag time, making Node.JS an ideal environment for streaming video. Our custom Node.JS apps can handle a heavy input and output load, throughput, and many simultaneous connections without affecting video quality.

Multi-User Collaboration Apps with Node.JS

By avoiding HTTP overload and using Node.JS's event loop via the TCP protocol, Chetu can create collaboration apps with many users for gaming or communication. Both the client and server sides are written in JavaScript, so both sides can sync up quickly.

Cross-Platform Support with Node.JS

Node.JS web apps are ideal for Chetu to develop in a cross-platform manner for Android, iOS, PC and MacOS. The back end will be fast and independent of the platform, and the front-end will have a consistent look and feel across devices.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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Apps Built
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