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Verifone POS System Solutions We Offer

Chetu’s VeriFone integrated POS solutions helps merchants manage their business effectively. From accepting customer payments, aligning the systems and platforms to facilitate the payment - connecting your POS to your payment processor, to provide customers with a reliable, and safe point of sale processors. Our team of experts got you covered!

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Verifone Development Services

Verifone Software Configuration

Chetu developers leverage Commerce Applications SDK to enable application development for Verifone Systems, site controller, Point Of Sale systems to develop fast and secure electronic payment processing options that allow businesses to accept loyalty, gift, checks, EBT, and more.

Verifone POS Solutions

Verifone POS Solutions

Chetu provides reliable Verifone POS software development and solutions that run operating systems, security and encryption software, and certified payment software for both payments and commerce on VX (Verix V and eVo) UX, MX, and Carbon series plus remote key injection services (VeriShield) to separate modules such as inventory, loyalty programs, and more.

Verifone Terminal Application Development

Verifone Terminal Application Development

Our Verifone terminal application development includes commerce & android applications on Verifone hardware & software systems including VeriCentre, Verifone HQ, Verifone View, logarithm, IntelliView, and PAYware Connect, to create one centralized system for more revenue opportunities.

Verifone Customization

Verifone Customization

Chetu customizes & configures all Verifone systems, creating payment solutions with UX modules to include multi-payment options such as mobile wallets, EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, and self-service allowing for customizable layout configuration, faster adoption & greater ease of use.

Verifone Integration

Verifone POS Integration

Chetu integration services for Verifone Systems using Rest APIs to extend the functionality of the Verifone payment infrastructure for payments using different card interfaces, including contactless, apps in a semi-integrated mode for secure EMV transactions, and multi-tender (split payments) support.

We Customize Your Verifone Systems

We provide custom software solutions and payment development services across the entire portfolio of Verifone terminals including Pin Pad, Countertops, Multilane, mPOS, Verifone Engage, Verifone Carbon, Verifone MX, Verifone VX, and Verifone UX lineups. We program tip options, data uploading, receipt printing, security and more. Our developers program the terminal and its corresponding command line so you can accurately type and execute text-based commands to give your customers an unforgettable check-out experience.

Verifone Kiosk Software Solutions

Verifone Kiosk Software Solutions

Verifone provides unattended payment hardware solutions. We help create integrated Verifone System solutions consisting of UX 100, UX 110, UX 300, UX 301, UX 400, and UX 410 series and self-service kiosks designed to be secure, reliable, and interactive servicing unattended environments such as vending machines and public transportation.

Verifone mPOS

Verifone mPOS

Verifone offers flexible mobile payment devices to help adapt to business needs. Chetu customizes your mobile payment solutions utilizing Verifone's Carbon Mobile 5, e265, e280, e285, e355, and e315 hardware to allow retailers to have reliable and secure payments functionality on-the-go with fully encrypted card reader security, a standalone mobile POS device and more.

Verifone PIN Pads & Countertops

Verifone PIN Pads & Countertops

Chetu creates fully-integrated countertop systems and semi-integrated PIN Pad POS solutions using Verifone VX520, VX805, VX820, P400, P200, V400c, V200c and Verifone Engage series for convenient payment infrastructures consisting of digital couponing, loyalty programs, customizable apps and more for an all-in-one countertop solution and PIN pad POS device.

Verifone Portable & Transportable POS

Verifone Portable & Transportable POS

We create portable payment solutions that break the traditional retail mold to accept payments anytime, anywhere with custom transportable solutions using Verifone's V400m, VX690, and VX680 series with WiFi-enabled payment solutions and customizable commerce applications.

Verifone Multilane Solutions

Verifone Multilane Solutions

Verifone provides reliable Multilane payment terminal solutions. Chetu will customize your Verifone Multilane systems including MX870, MX860, MX925, MX915, and M400 terminal devices to provide highly reliable touch screen finger-tip input functionality with end-to-end security encryption for fast consumer experience and checkout process.

Verifone Carbon POS Series

Verifone Carbon POS Series

We integrate Carbon's unique dual-screen setup to the Merchant Marketplace offering tools to run your business. Carbon devices are smart business engines we can customize to any advanced ecosystem. Chetu will integrate solutions for Verifone Carbon Mobile 5, Verifone Carbon 8, Verifone Carbon 10 with Verifone Navigator powered by Engage.

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We Ensure your Compliance with PCI & EMV

Chetu's Verifone development experts ensure your custom payment software complies with consumer protection standards including PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, EMV, Check-21, data encryption, and other payment standards.

We Integrate Verifone With The Following Technologies

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Verifone Featured Content: Stay Current With Chetu’s Tech Trends And Projects

Case Study: Leveraging the Verifone VX520 Terminal With Smart Card Technology

The client is a technology company specializing in providing payment solutions for commercial laundry equipment manufacturers and laundry service organizations, helping businesses rescue expenses and improve efficiencies in the bill remittance process.

Their payment solutions let customers accept multiple forms of payments, while processing all payment forms for consistent accessibility across numerous payment channels. Extensive experience in the growth and development of the coin-operated laundry industry has lead them to become one of the first Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the market.

Case Study: Fostering Verifone VX-520 Terminal Automation With Custom App

During the past 18 years, the client has established themselves as a leading technology provider within the payment industry. They leverage their extensive network to assist businesses in reducing expenses, improving efficiencies in the bill remittance process, and formulating the easiest methods and broadest range of offerings for consumers to use with their day to day purchases.

Their service selection caters to enterprises within the utility, municipality, property management and healthcare landscapes, allowing participants in these industries to accept payments of all forms—cash, credit cards, checks, lockbox, and online bill payments.

Blog: The Consumer and Back-End Via Verifone Development

As the world of retail continues to grow, consumer attitudes and engagement with payment processes are changing also. Nowadays, big businesses in payments are strategizing ways to engage consumers by reducing checkout processes in order to increase revenue and keep customers happy. Verifone, a Chetu partner and one of the world's largest POS terminal vendors and leading providers of payments and commerce solutions, have discovered a new and convenient way to modify the in-store relationship between consumer and checkout through a device called e280. As a consumer or retail/payments group, it may be useful to know and understand the significance of VeriFone’s e280 by considering what it means for consumers and how software companies like Chetu work to provide the best solutions for mobile devices alike.

Blog: Verifone Terminal – Outfitting Your Business Needs With Custom Integrations

In 1981, Verifone launched its first product, the Veri-Fone (Verification Telephone) that performed check verification and credit authorization. It was one of the first devices designed to replace voice authorization with electronic for credit card transactions. By 1989, they sold 1 million systems.

Since then, they have made significant advancements in smart card readers, internet commerce products, secure payment terminals, secure mobile transactions and jumpstarting the migration to EMV readers. Verifone's history of producing high-functioning terminals makes them a considerable choice when choosing a POS (Point of Sale) system. Below I will describe the three different Verifone terminals and ways merchants can benefit from them.

Blog: Verifone Navigator

Touch-screen point of sale (POS) devices are incorporated in our everyday lives and are becoming more of an issue for visual and audio impaired consumers as more companies and organizations implement them.

This technology, while useful and secure, is largely inaccessible to people with visual and audio impairments. Simple activities such as shopping for shoes and groceries, travelling and paying for hotels. These things may soon be more difficult or even impossible, unless they are willing to put themselves in far greater risk of fraud, theft or financial ruin.

News: Chetu Announces Partnership With Verifone

"It is a great privilege to be in partnership with such an immense company like Verifone," William Dawsey, and Director of Global Sales for Payments at Chetu Inc. "I believe it is unions like these that are the bridges of advancement that lead us towards our vision of success."

Chetu is an end-to-end software development and integration Services Company with ample experience integrating VeriFone software and creating custom software applications that provide enhanced features that businesses need to succeed.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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