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Empowering Secure Seamless EMV Transactions With Custom AI-Powered Software Solutions

Hire Experienced EMV Software Developers

Our experts provide a full range of EMV software services from programming to implementation that enable institutions to deliver secure data in sensitive environments.

EMV Software Development

We provide end-to-end EMV migration services including EMV compliant software programming, testing, and validation for POS terminals, ATMs, smartphone card readers, and self-service payment kiosks with features for offline authorization and batch processing.

In-Store API Payment Integration

We deliver seamless and secure integrations with your existing payment gateway systems and third-party APIs to facilitate out-of-scope payments such as EBT Food, EBT Cash, EMV chip cards, ACH, and more.

Chip Card Management System Development

Our developers create EMV chip card systems that contain single-use transaction codes, communicate with any POS device or contactless terminal, and contain HSM API’s for securely processing chip authorization and storing cryptographic keys.

EMV Interface Development

We develop intuitive payment interfaces for in-person payments using mag-stripe and EMV chip-and-pin/sign, as well as contactless payment interfaces according to ISO7816 (contact), ISO14443 (contactless), and Payment Card Industry PIN Entry Device (PCI PED) standards.

EMV Programming Services

We build EMV Level 1/Level 2/Level 3, EMV Level 2 Kernels, and PCI PTS 3.x/4.x certified card reader writer interface solutions including Verifone VX/MX/UX series, Ingenico iPP/iCT/iSC/iWL series, and iSelf iUP/iUR/iUC series.

EMV Testing & Certification

We test and certify with MasterCard Terminal Integration Process, Terminal Quality Management, Visa Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit, Discover D-Payment Application Specification, American Express Integrated Circuit Card Payment Specification, and more.

AI-Powered EMV Solutions

Our AI-Powered EMV software solutions leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to bolster security, optimize transaction processing, and proactively detect and prevent fraudulent activity. By combining the power of artificial intelligence with EMV standards, these solutions revolutionize payment systems, offering robust fraud detection capabilities and efficient transaction management for enhanced customer confidence and protection.

EMV Fraud Detection

Our developers can use AI algorithms to analyze transaction data, identify patterns, and detect anomalies in fraudulent activities. Machine learning techniques train models on historical data to recognize fraudulent patterns and make real-time decisions to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Risk Assessment

Our expert developers can leverage AI that assesses the risk associated with EMV transactions by analyzing transaction history, customer behavior, location, and spending patterns. The system can then evaluate the chances of fraud and apply appropriate security measures or additional verification steps when necessary.

Predictive Modeling

We can integrate AI-powered predictive models to forecast potential fraud scenarios based on previous data. By identifying common repeated fraud patterns and trends, the system can proactively detect and prevent fraudulent transactions before they occur.

Anomaly Detection

We develop algorithms to learn normal transaction patterns and identify deviations from the standard. Unusual spending behavior, atypical transaction locations, or unusual purchase amounts can be flagged for further investigation, which helps identify potential fraud.

Deep Learning for Transaction Monitoring

Our deep learning techniques, such as neural networks, can analyze more transaction data in real time. Deep learning models can detect complex patterns and correlations that traditional rule-based systems might not reliably identify, leading to improved fraud detection capabilities.

Transaction Processing

We can implement AI algorithms that optimize transaction processing by analyzing previous data and patterns to predict transaction outcomes, minimize processing time, and improve overall efficiency.

Customer Service

We can integrate AI technology to power chatbots and virtual assistants. These customer service support features can answer inquiries and offer personalized recommendations, improving the overall customer experience.

Biometric Authentication

Our experts can develop AI that facilitates biometric authentication methods, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, to enhance security and streamline authentication processes for EMV transactions.

Custom EMV Solutions

Our custom solutions enable highly secure, reliable, and easy payments for any processing platform and are equipped with advanced features that benefit both merchants and consumers.

Custom EMV Integrations

We integrate EMV software with mobile, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity, integrate EMV ISO 8583 with payment gateways, certify Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express with UL Collis BTT, and offer roll out services with VeriCentre (Verifone) and IngEstate (Ingenico).

EMV Security Solutions

Our solutions include tokenization data security protocols as well as End-to-End and Point-to-Point encryption using First Data, TransArmor, standard RSA/PKI, 3DES methods with Derived Unique Key Per Transaction, Master Session keys, and 3-D Secure specifications.

Contactless EMV Cards

We implement contactless EMV cards to enable fast and easy tap-and-go payments with powerful antennae to transmit necessary data at the same high level of security as a chip reader, allowing businesses to increase revenue by enhancing their customer experience.

Mobile EMV Solutions

We create custom mobile payment solutions for P2P payments using debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallets, bank accounts, and more for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms empowered by near field communication (NFC) technology.

Wearable EMV Solutions

Our solutions can be seamlessly and invisibly integrated into a wide range of wearable devices with support for payment card tokenization features and the ability to sync with a mobile application for remote activation and deactivation.

Mobile Wallet Solutions

We implement NFC technology in order to secure mobile devices as virtual wallets that enable customers to make payments, store payment information, access loyalty rewards and coupons, request and send money to others, make bank transfers, and more.


Our solutions are equipped with a multitude of features to enhance security, maintain compliance, and improve user experiences.

EMV Tokenization

We program tokenization features that enable you to securely offer card-on-file billing, scheduled payments, and membership models as well as capture repeat sales without re-entering information by replacing cardholder data with non-sensitive tokens.

Point-To-Point Encryption

Our point-to-point encryption (P2PE) features allow you to remove cardholder data from your software and protect it from fraud and hackers by securing the data at the point of entry whether it’s manual key-entry, card-swipe, or insert.

Reporting & Transaction Processing

We implement features for real-time reporting and transaction processing that allow for real-time authorization and capture reporting, recurring billing, settlement and chargeback reporting, and access to billing statements through a single-sign-on virtual portal.


Our solutions are equipped with features to automate the check cashing process by allowing for businesses to accept eCheck payments and electronically transfer funds directly into customers’ bank accounts as well as create Remotely Created Check (RCC) images.

PCI Compliance

Our custom EMV features ensure complete compliance with The Payment Card Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) to protect your organization when taking payments from all major card companies including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, and JCB.

Payment Processing

We program custom features that allow you to accept online payments from anywhere around the globe and integrate your payment processing software with multi-currency payment processors in order to accept payments in foreign currencies.

We Ensure Your Compliance With PCI & EMV

Chetu’s experts ensure your software complies with consumer protection standards including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), EMV, Check-21, and other payment standards.

EMV Software Support Services

Our comprehensive EMV software support services address your specific business needs and ensure that your transactions are running smoothly and securely. A secure EMV system is crucial for a successful payment processing experience.

Contactless Payment Troubleshooting

We diagnose issues related to EMV contactless payments, including connectivity problems, damaged readers, or outdated firmware. We resolve these issues to ensure smooth and secure transaction processing for both customers and merchants.

Tokenization Setup Assistance

We guide and support businesses by setting up tokenization for EMV transactions, replacing sensitive card data with unique tokens to enhance security and protect against fraud. We help you choose the most suitable tokenization solution for your business.

Chip Card Acceptance Support

We ensure seamless EMV chip card acceptance with our routine troubleshooting card reading to facilitate secure transactions and improve customer experiences. The transition to EMV card chips offer significant security benefits for merchants and customers.

Fraud Detection Configuration

Our assistance in configuring fraud detection mechanisms within your EMV systems can significantly impact your business. By setting thresholds and rules to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, we enhance your overall payment security and reduce financial risks.

Custom EMV Integrations

We seamlessly integrate our solutions with your existing POS and e-commerce payment processing systems to provide optimized customer experiences, improve conversion rates, and keep track of transactions.


We integrate with Clover to create unique payment experiences for MSPs, PayFacs, and PSPs on clover devices like the Clover Station Duo, Solo, Flex, Mini, and Go.


Integrating with Equinox streamlines critical business functions and extends your POS functionalities to Equinox devices like LUXE 6200m, LUXE 8500i, and T410/T4220.


We seamlessly integrate with Ingenico to create a centralized payment experience on the Ingenico POS collection including the iCT, iPP, iSC, iWL, and iSelf devices.


We integrate with Stripe, allowing you to easily accept payments, manage business operations, and immediately collect credit cards from an online platform.


Our solutions can be integrated with Verifone to simplify global business processes and function on Verfone’s devices including VX, MX, UX, Carbon and E-Series.


We integrate with Fiserv to help protect your payment system from hackers and fraud by securely transferring data to First Data Networks over the internet.

FAQs Related to AI in EMV Software

EMV and AI are related in the sense that both technologies are used to improve the security and efficiency of payment systems. EMV chip technology provides a secure way to store and transmit payment card data, while AI can be used to analyze that data and detect patterns of fraud or unusual behavior.

By using AI-powered EMV chip technology, payment systems are more secure and less vulnerable to fraud. AI is used to analyze payment data and detect patterns of fraudulent activity, making it easier for retailers, merchants, and banks to eliminate fraud. Together, these technologies can provide a seamless and secure payment experience for consumers and businesses alike.

AI can be used in EMV to analyze payment data and detect patterns of fraud or unusual behavior. AI algorithms can analyze large amounts of data from payment transactions and identify patterns that may indicate fraudulent activity. This information can then be used to improve fraud prevention and security measures in the payment system.

It is used for processing payments made with EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) chip cards. These cards contain a microchip that encrypts the cardholder's data and creates a unique code for each transaction, which helps to prevent fraud.

AI can enhance the user experience in EMV transactions by improving the speed and efficiency of payment processing. For example, AI-powered fraud detection algorithms can quickly identify fraudulent transactions, allowing legitimate transactions to be processed more quickly. Additionally, the use of biometric authentication can make payment transactions more convenient and user-friendly.

One challenge associated with using AI in EMV is the need for large amounts of high-quality data to train machine learning algorithms. Additionally, AI-powered fraud detection systems may generate false positives, leading to legitimate transactions being declined. It is important to balance the need for security with the need for a seamless user experience.

The future of AI in EMV is likely to involve the continued development of machine learning algorithms that can detect and prevent fraud more effectively. Additionally, the use of biometric authentication is expected to become more widespread, as it offers a convenient and secure way to authenticate payment transactions. Overall, AI is expected to play an increasingly important role in the security and efficiency of payment systems.

It is also known as a smart card or chip-and-PIN card, is a type of payment card that contains a microprocessor chip that securely stores and processes data.

When you insert an EMV chip card into a compatible card reader or terminal, the chip communicates with the terminal to authenticate the transaction and generate a unique code that is used to process the payment.


Drop us a line or give us a ring to learn more about our EMV software development services. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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