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Real Estate MLS Software


Real Estate MLS Software Development

Managing, analyzing, and filtering real estate listings is crucial for any real estate professional. With Chetu, we’ll match you with an MLS Software Development Engineer with extensive experience building custom real estate MLS, CRM, IDX, RETS, broker/agent portals, mobile apps, and more.

Multiple Listing Services

We develop custom MLS Platforms, which comply with RESO standards, that provide tailored search engines, advanced logic searches, analytical spreadsheets, and full mobile access. We leverage APIs from third-party real estate websites, including Zillow, Trulia,, and more.

MLS Mobile App Services

Our expert team at Chetu offers MLS Mobile App Development Services that provide real estate agents, buyers and sellers with real-time notifications and alerts on changes in property pricing, new market listings, open house information, property locations, agent-branded information, and so much more.

MLS Integration

Our highly skilled Development Engineers will integrate your custom MLS Software Platform through an organic RETS API or with an IDX Service Provider, thus enabling you to utilize custom appraiser tools, tailored search engines, and exportable analytics spreadsheets.

MLS Real Estate App Implementation

Our development team integrates popular MLS Real Estate Apps, like Stellar MLS, with components such as sourced listing information, property displays on Interactive Maps, comparative market analysis, active and off-market listing views, agent-only profiles, safety timers, and so much more.

Multiple Listing Services Platform

We develop custom MLS Solutions for buyers’ agents and listing agents, enabling them to gain full access to listing details, such as accounting information, commission management and tracking, contract management details, file sharing capabilities, closing reports, and more.

MLS Responsive Web Design

Our custom MLS Web Design Solutions are fully responsive, thus allowing you to efficiently manage real estate agency productivity, client payments and transactions, commissions, property information, lead generation, client management, and so much more from any device.

Artificial Intelligence in MLS Real Estate

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the real estate agents and brokers businesses. MLS (Multiple Listing Service) software is one of the tool that AI has turned the real estate market more efficient and effective in Property Search, Property Valuation, Lead Generation, predictive analyses, Fraud Detection, Chabot’s, and customer services support.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the potential to make more powerful and efficient, helping real estate professionals to better serve their clients and close more deals.

MLS AI Data Analytics

Data analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are increasingly in MLS (Multiple Listing Service) technologies. AI can help real estate professionals in several ways, such as processing large volumes of data from multiple sources to gain valuable insights into market trends and buyer behavior. AI-powered tools can estimate the value of a property and make predictions about future market trends and property values. NLP algorithms can extract valuable information from real estate listings and other property-related data to identify trends and patterns. Artificial Intelligence can also make recommendations based on data analysis, providing insights into buyer preferences and pricing strategies, thus improving customer experience and streamlining the real estate industry. AI algorithms analyze large datasets to identify patterns and trends, providing real estate professionals with valuable insights and making their work more efficient.

Custom MLS Solutions

Our Engineers have vast knowledge and experience in creating custom MLS Integration Software that offers support service curated searches, analyzation, organization, sharing capabilities, and management of your real estate listings.

Real Estate Management

We develop customized and integrated Real Estate Management Software to execute business accounting, leasing services, property management, and marketing efforts.

Property Management

We’ll integrate your MLS with Property Management Software, like Buildium, to include multi-property management interfaces, architectures, task automation tools, and compliance modules.

IDX Integration

We can integrate your listings using IDX software through framing or FTP languages so that you can display listings from your MLS database onto your website while complying with NAR policies.

Real Estate Valuation Engines

We design custom Real Estate Valuation Software that enables access to collateral appraisals, qualified lead generation, property and neighborhood information, and property comparison modules.


We implement custom RETS APIs to fit your website to your local and niche real estate markets, while customizing your RETS software so that it comprehensively processes your MLS information.

HOA Management

We develop HOA Management software to provide automated workflows, operation maintenance, streamlined reporting, and optimized accounting and online payment processing.

Features & Solutions

Searchable MLS Listing Database

  • Customizable Search
  • View Listing History
  • Export MLS Data
  • View MLA Area Maps
  • View MLS Listings
  • CMS Comparison Tools

MLS Mobile Apps

  • MLS Search
  • Map Search
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Agent Search
  • Agent Contact
  • Save/View Searches

Client Portal & Manager

  • Secure Login
  • Search & View Listings
  • Branded Agent Websites
  • Reports & Updates
  • Add/Remove Agents
  • Manage Team Members

Form & Contract Management

  • Create Contract Templates
  • View/Edit Contracts & Forms
  • Print/Send Contracts & Forms
  • MLS Listing Forms
  • Autofill Tools

Contact Manager

  • Add/Edit Contacts
  • Customer Search
  • Import/Export Contact Data
  • Auto-Email Tools
  • Email MLS Reports

Consolidated Platform

  • Setup & Preferences
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Private Communication
  • Statistics & Reports
  • Add/Edit MLS Listings

Data Integrations for Real Estate Professionals

We offer data integrations with your custom-built or existing MLS, PMS, real estate database, or home listing publisher with real estate CRM software to provide lead information to real estate brokers and optimize your real estate enterprise.

Case Study: MLS Integrations



We can develop a full-scope real estate marketplace, like Zillow, dedicated to connecting consumers with the best local real estate professionals.



We integrate curated search & filter modules, GPS & location data, and neighborhood map overlays to develop an app, like Trulia, that offers clearer property & neighborhood insights.


We can implement REALTORS® data into a real estate site, like, that offers real estate agent finders, open house schedules, property listing visibility, and more.

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Frequented Asked Questions about MLS Software

MLS (Multiple Listing Service) software is a tool used in the real estate industry to manage and share property listings among agents and brokers. It helps facilitate the buying and selling process by providing access to up-to-date property information, including pricing, property details, and photos.

MLS software provides agents and brokers with a centralized location to manage and share property information, increasing efficiency and reducing time spent on manual data entry. It also helps ensure accurate and timely information is shared among all parties involved in a transaction, which can lead to faster and smoother deals.

AI algorithms can help automate tasks such as data entry, data cleaning, and data analysis, which can improve the accuracy and efficiency of MLS software. This not only saves time but can also reduce errors and improve data quality. Additionally, AI can enhance the search functionality of MLS software, allowing users to find properties more easily and quickly. By analyzing real estate data, AI can also provide predictive analytics, such as predicting future property values or market demand, which can help inform business decisions.

MLS software can be integrated with other real estate tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems and marketing software, to create a seamless workflow. This integration can help agents and brokers manage their business more efficiently and effectively.


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