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Logi Analytics Development

Our Logi Analytics Developers have extensive experience with .NET applications, as well as a combination of HTTP, HTML, XML, CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript. Our developers are highly accustomed to working in environments with continuous integration, software development, and the overall system lifecycle of software development projects.

Accounting Software Development

Logi Analytics Development

We build and develop analytics modules into your custom application leveraging the Logi Analytics platform for the rapid deployment of branded dashboards and reporting interfaces.

Logi Dashboards & Reporting

We configure and design unique Logi dashboards, relying on our industry and technology prowess, to provide meaningful user interfaces and experiences for your end-users.

Logi Integrations

We integrate Logi Analytics with your existing security model, aligned with your brand and infused within your workflows to optimize your access, security protocols, and data architecture.

Logi Products

Our Logi Analytics Software Developers have a vast knowledge of Logi Symphony products, including Logi Info, Logi Report, Logi Ad-Hoc, Logi Vision, Logi Datahub, Logi Predict, and Logi Composer.

Whether you need a new developer to embed Logi Analytics into your existing application, or require a Logi Analytics Consultant to discuss how our software development services can help you overcome your technology challenges, Chetu has got you covered.

Custom Logi Analytics Solutions

We use Logi Analytics Solutions to help your software team embed cutting-edge analytics for your end-users, offering increased customization, self-service, security, and simplicity.

Faster Development

We embed Logi Analytics Solutions within your existing applications so that you can build and embed dashboards, operational reports, predictive analytics, and self-service analytics much faster.

Security Protocol Management

We implement SecureKey Authorization technology to provide enhanced security wherever Logi components are integrated with or embedded into a non-Logi application.

Deeper Data Insights

Logi Analytics dives much deeper than data discovery and data mining tools, offering descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to answer different questions.

Data Source Connection

Our software developers use Logi Analytics Solutions to bring different types of data, including big data, web services, cloud apps, RDBMS, and spreadsheets together.

Automated Business Processes

We implement Logi Analytics Solutions into your existing data infrastructure to improve developer productivity, save time, and reduce costs by standardizing your development processes.

Deployment Cost Efficiency

We integrate Logi Analytics Solutions to help cut down on maintenance and deployment costs while allowing you to utilize a fully documented embedded analytics platform.

Logi Analytics Solutions

Our Logi Analytics Expertise

Our software developers are highly proficient in embedding and integrating Logi Analytics Solutions, including their diverse line of Logi Symphony products for enhanced control, customization, and analysis.

Logi Info

We embed Logi Info directly into your existing application, giving you complete control over building dashboards, connecting to your data sources, customizing reports, and so much more.

Logi Report

Our software developers embed Logi Report into your existing applications to help you deliver robust, pixel-perfect branded reports that are built for precision, performance, and scale.

Logi Composer

We embed Logi Composer’s intuitive graphical UI to streamline how you connect to and prepare your workflow data without coding or heavy data modeling.

Logi Vision

We embed Logi Vision into your existing application to deliver geo-mapping, employ social media capabilities, and convert numerical data into dimensions for optimized analysis.

Logi Datahub

We help you connect to and acquire data from diverse sources, accelerate data performance, enrich data with DataSmart, and create a business-friendly view of your data using Logi Datahub.

Logi Ad-Hoc

With the Logi Ad-Hoc BI model embedded within your existing application, you can build and distribute branded reports without requiring additional IT support and maintenance.

Our Logi Analytics Technology Stack

Our Logi Analytics Developers are highly skilled at implementing Logi Analytics Solutions to diversity business verticals, increase your ROI, and overcome many of your technology challenges.

Logi Analytics Technology Stack

Data Source Connections


Web Development

Models & Languages


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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