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Salesforce Sales Cloud

The rapid growth of your sales revenue.

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Salesforce ranks number one for Sales Management

  • Industry-Tailored,
  • Customized for your Business
  • Covers all sales processes
  • Offers 3,400 apps on AppExchange

How Salesforce Sales cloud boost your sales?

Salesforce Sales Cloud increases sales effectiveness by automating tasks and streamlining workflows. Customer data insights expand your prospective audience and boost conversions. Omni-channel customer interaction tools personalize user experiences and save money and time for sales teams.

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides individual web desktop for each team member. It is fully customizable, according to specific goals, and competencies. Text policies transform into validation commands and automated tools and can guide employees through the process to minimalize errors.

Salesforce Sales Cloud stores and organizes business quotas, price lists, commission estimation, and other data. Files and tables are well-built and easy-to-navigate.

Automated approvals, notifications, and follow-ups can be customized and set up as a part of automated workflows. Process Builder helps configure sequences, rules, roles, and permissions.

Do you want to know how Sales Cloud Can transform your company?

With 20 years of delivering custom software solutions, Chetu is dedicated to growing your business. Tell us your sales requirements and we will show how Salesforce Sales Cloud can fulfill them.

Sales Path streamlines sales workflows and makes it simply manageable. It determines the required actions are at every step, helping managers get the most from sales representatives.

Leads conversion process is customized around your company's requirements, long and short term goals, conversion types, and its values. You can set up the process of conversion along with automated workflows and validation rules to enhance the lead conversion process.

Reports and dashboards support performance tracking and point reps’ strong and weak sides, along with analyzing positive and negative influential factors. This data supports the accuracy of forecast results and helps to build an effective sales strategy.

Products and Price Books allow you to create pricing rules. If you deal with different currencies, this feature will apply required changes across all your products and locations. Special discounts such as geo-based or industry-related are also managed through Products and Price Books.

Tasks Management. Team members can manage tasks and create events, utilizing an intelligent timeline that provides a full overview of actions related to a specific point, and predicts possible opportunities.

Social Accounts and Contacts provide client data from social platforms to identify customers’ needs more effectively. Collectively, this crucial information enables sellers to generate an accurate customer profile to narrow and improve targeting and personalize the user experience.


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