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Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation to Enhance Customer Experience

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Key Salesforce Service Cloud Advantages


Service Cloud allows you to manage all your client communications in a single Service Console. You can set up as many customer support digital channels as you want, including phone, on-line chat, social networks, email, and more. You can also mix and match channels according to consumers' preferences and the company's requirements.

Case life-cycle management

Service Cloud supports the entire case life circle: from beginning to end, including custom assignments and specific parameters set up. Service Cloud Case Management will apply created rules automatically by triggering the relevant mechanism based on the analyzed data.

Personal Service Console

Service Cloud provides each salesperson with a personalized workspace. Service Console organizes data in a very convenient way and generates a full overview of every case. It shows the current status, history, and allows operators to find educational content within the case document.

Knowledge base for agents

Customer service representatives have to be knowledgeable to answer all customers' queries and do it as fast as possible. Salesforce empowers your sales team with access to a comprehensive knowledgebase. Agents can pull up the required information right away. Service Cloud analytical tool helps improve the content quality.

Service App Builder

If the Omni-channel Service Cloud functionality does not fulfill your unique service needs, you can resolve it with a tailored Salesforce customer service app. Our Salesforce developers will build a custom architecture to cover all your needs.

Process Automation

Salesforce Service Cloud automates processes across the entire customer support infrastructure. Automation transforms several management tasks and tools, including streamlined workflows, approval processes, follow-ups, and more. Automation saves time, money, and reduces manual errors volume.


Service Analytics data is visible for representatives and managers. Salesforce Einstein provides each department's insights and scales every team-member performance. It also calculates an average customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate and suggests improvement tactics. Reports can be customized based on the sales strategy; or any other specific requirements.

Field Service

For a better challenge resolution, Service Cloud provides a collaboration feature for agents and field workers. The Field Service tool allows companies to set and manage field appointments, create schedules, track workers, resources consumption, and more.

Einstein Bots

Salesforce Einstein empowers web chats functionality. Bots generate responses to common questions, such as order status and details, company directory, etc. They can sort and redirect inquiries to competent departments. Chat automation saves time for sales teams and provides instant solutions for customers.


Service Cloud collaborative feature establishes a connection with business partners, customers, merchants, dealers, and other contacts who are not part of your company. This communication channel can also function as a tool to grant limited access to some of your company's data.


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