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Sports Medicine Software
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Injury Management

  • Custom sports health software development for athletic trainers, sports medics, physical therapists, rehabilitation centers, orthopedic specialists, clinics, sport-specific needs (i.e. sport type, athlete type), and more
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile device platforms development including on-premise, cloud, native, and cross-platform system types
  • We engineer on-field injury assessment applications including camera / imaging software, document management, communication tools, and integrations with supporting systems
  • Custom algorithms programming for evidence-based decision support systems including solutions for therapeutic exercise programs, progress tracking, and return-to-activity clearance
  • Concussion assessment applications programming including support for popular testing tools and methods (SCAT3, BESS, baseline assessments, and others)
  • Programming of injury tracking applications for end-to-end documentation of head, shoulder, back, cervical / spine, neck, ankle, foot, hand, knee, hip, elbow, and other key areas, including real-time documentation, image analysis (DICOM / PACS), diagnostic / treatment decision support features, and more
  • We engineer Functional Movement Systems (FMS) with patterns analysis applications for mobility, range of motion, motor control, balance, orientation, coordination, and more
  • Customized Electronic Health / Medical Record (EHR / EMR) systems including orthopedic and sports medicine templates for common injuries, specialized scoring systems, muscle testing data, integrations with EMG / arthroscopic devices, and more
  • We ensure compliance with healthcare regulatory standards including HIPAA, HITECH, ONC-ATCB, Meaningful Use, HL7, and others


  • Programming of custom nutrition management applications including food database, calories tracking (intake / expenditure / source), diet management, weight tracking, muscle-to-fat ratios, personalized nutrition plans, hydration tracking, and more
  • We develop user portals for centralized nutrition data of body measurements, medical factors, goals, progress tracking, communication with nutritionists, and other features
  • Customized reports, charts, graphs, and user friendly workflows for data intake and sharing
  • Meal planning and recipe management applications including custom plan / recipe creation, serving calculations, allergies / medical history tracking, personalized suggestions by food groups and goals, plus more features
  • Integrations with training, medical records, and athlete performance systems for a complete analysis of nutritional needs
  • Algorithms programming for assessing client needs and formulating a personalized nutrition / health management plan for muscle gain, weight loss, muscle recovery, and other goals

Our Sports Software Development Solutions

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