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Sports Kinesiology Software Development

Sports Kinesiology Software Solutions

Custom sports kinesiology software development for fitness, performance, physical therapy / rehabilitation, biofeedback, ergonomics, biomechanical, anatomy and training applications.

Kinesiology Imaging Integrations

Programming and integration of supporting applications for, EMG, EEG, qEEG data capture, and Kinect-based motion capture technology. We engineer support for multiple file formats including Biovision Hierarchical Data (BVH), Alias Skeleton (ASK), SDL, C3D, Acclaim formats (ASF / AMC), MNM, MVNX, and others.

Graphic Modeling Software Services

Graphical modeling application programming for musculoskeletal, motion, and visual analysis including custom graphics, animation tools, 3D physiology animations, calculations / metrics features, and integrations with data capture systems.

Motion Tracking Systems

We engineer motion tracking systems for analyzing and tracking skeletal, muscular, joint, hand, eye, posture, gait / stride, balance, 3D range of motion, 3D anatomical analysis, Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) and other physical attributes.

Kinesiology Motion Capture Applications

Real-time motion capture application development with time / angles manipulation, interactive controls, real-time rendering, advanced audio capabilities and custom analytics features. Programming of motion capture sensors, camera / audio software, embedded device applications, wearable device applications, integrated equipment, AR/VR apps, and more.

Optical Motion Capture Systems

Optical motion capture software development including active / passive, inertial, marker-less, Pulsed–LED's, Active LED, computer vision, precision tracking features, sensor streams and custom algorithms.

Our Sports Software Development Solutions
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