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Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Development Solutions

Chetu offers a range of development services and solutions tailored specifically for the supply chain and logistics sector. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the domain, we create and integrate solutions that are designed to optimize both business processes and operations. Our SCM software increases the efficiency of your working capital and accelerates planning cycles. Our solutions have been the catalyst for improvements in such critical areas as manufacturing, inventory and warehouse management, order fulfillment, plus logistics optimization. With our global expertise in providing supply chain visibility solutions across multiple platforms, Chetu understands business needs and has provided seamless custom integrations.

Manufacturing and Material Requirements Planning

  • We integrate inventory management software with order procurement applications
  • We program labor and material capacity requirements planning applications
  • We develop equipment allocation software
  • We engineer business intelligence modules for real time report generation of production data, business monitoring, health check, and planning
  • We integrate databases for supplier, vendor, and retailer information
  • Invoicing and billing presentment modules

Inventory Management

  • We integrate sales platforms with inventory management systems
  • We program automation solutions for replenishing, tracking, expiration, and accounting
  • We develop Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) product activity data
  • We integrate IMS with overarching Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
  • Inventory management solutions that integrate seamlessly with the latest inventory control devices

Warehouse Management

  • We develop way-finding applications for dedicated and random storage solutions
  • We engineer floor plan simulators to optimize storage space
  • We build software for shipping and receiving management
  • We create platforms that automatically update warehouse inventory

Order Processing and Fulfillment

  • We program aggregation applications to consolidate orders
  • We build the software architecture for efficiently routing orders
  • We develop EDI software for receiving merchandise requests and purchase orders
  • We program backorder management and returns modules
  • We engineer automation software solutions for picking, fulfillment, order accuracy, shipping and receiving, return put-away, plus inventory planning

Shipping and Logistics

  • We develop complete software solutions for 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, and 4PL entities
  • Automation of shipping labels, packing slips, manifests, invoices, and order numbers
  • EDI software for shipment optimization and orchestration
  • We engineer freight quote calculators and comparison apps
  • Tracking systems with GPS, RFID, barcodes, and QR codes
  • We program delivery confirmation and electronic signature capture modules
  • We build mobile dispatch, custom GPS mapping, plus mileage tracking utility applications
  • Product returns and reverse logistics

Chetu's disciplined supply chain faction has years of experience working with high level management, to help them identify bottlenecks and nodes to optimize their technology systems. Our expert analysts and development gurus have created technology that have saved millions of dollars for our customers. We have implemented successful solutions that integrate custom and third-party platforms for maintaining visibility and the free flow of information.

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