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Custom Construction Submittal Software

Submittal Exchange Software

We develop custom cloud-based submittal software for the seamless creation, tracking, editing, approval, and execution of construction submittals and transmittals. We program cross-platform submittal exchange apps for desktops and mobile devices, as well as mobile-first browser apps. Real-time submittal workflows streamline clarifications, change orders, and closeout tasks between construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, consultants, designers, architects, and engineers.

Submittal Management Software

We program submittal document management systems that facilitate the generation and sharing of for shop drawings, OEM specs, material data sheets, inspection reports, RFI/RFPs, and punch sheets in all standard formats. We include features for annotating PDFs, adding digital stamps, pulling data from scanned physical forms, and managing templates and cover sheets. We limit operational downtime by seamlessly migrating item lists from legacy spec manuals, submittal registers, and vendor catalogs.

Construction Submittal Logs

Our submittal tracking software and dashboards offer project managers real-time snapshots of approval and implementation statuses. Automated workflows decrease management bottlenecks and improve traceability by archiving all user interactions with a document or action item and automating notifications (SMS, push, email) for all assigned parties. Generate on-the-spot reports of specification approvals and task statuses and export to Excel for further customization and analysis.

Our Construction Management Software Development Solutions
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Chetu is the premier provider of submittal software solutions for construction and AEC firms worldwide. Consult our construction software specialists now to discuss how our development services will help you overcome your software technology challenges.

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