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Construction Submittal Software Solutions

With our custom construction submittal exchange software solutions, your shop drawings, material samples and product data will easily be verified for your important project. Our expert construction software developers provide years of industry-specific experience to seamlessly streamline your submittal management, tracking, and scheduling processes.

Submittal Management Software Services

Submittal Management Software Services

Chetu programs submittal document management systems that facilitate the generation and sharing of processes and features such as shop drawings, OEM specs, material data sheets, inspection reports, and RFI/RFPs. We include features for adding digital stamps, pulling data from scanned physical forms, and more.

Submittal Exchange Software

Submittal Exchange Software

We develop cloud-based submittal software for the seamless creation, tracking, editing, approval, and execution of construction submittals and transmittals, and program cross-platform submittal exchange apps for desktops and mobile devices, as well as mobile-first browser apps. Real-time submittal workflows streamline processes such as change orders and closeout tasks.

Submittal Tracking Software

Submittal Tracking and
Monitoring Software

Our submittal tracking software and dashboards offer project managers and general contractors real-time snapshots of approval and implementation statuses. We automate workflows that archive all user interactions for all assigned parties.

Construction Submittal Schedule Programming

Construction Submittal
Schedule Programming

Our certified developers program custom construction submittal schedule software that enables easy acceptance, review and approval of all submittals, ensuring the ordering and delivery with the construction schedule.

Transforming Submittal Management with AI Technology

With the construction industry being driven by innovation and ingenuity, the management of documents, mock-ups, and drawings can be lost in the big picture. However, with Artificial Intelligence, we offer a smart solution to keep accountability and efficiency at top-notch conditions.

AI-Powered Submittal Workflow Optimization

At Chetu, we’ll give you the AI-driven tools to improve collaboration, modernize document reviews, and minimize project delays. Our AI solutions can intelligently prioritize submittals, allowing you to approach the most crucial documents immediately while routine submissions continue down their predefined path.

Custom AI-Powered Solutions for Construction Submittals

Our custom AI-powered software solutions are tailored to fit the unique needs of the construction industry and your specific needs as a business. With our platforms, you can create and manage submission templates, ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, and even automate certain review processes.

Efficient Submittal Approval Automation with AI

We develop AI that can deliver efficient submittal approval automation to expedite the process and reduce instances of delays and errors. AI can do this by checking submissions with predefined standards, validating them, and then accurately delivering them to the appropriate stakeholders for review.

AI-Enhanced Compliance and Quality Assurance

Our AI solutions are built to provide you with a new layer of oversight, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and as intended. Our systems can automatically flag discrepancies, notify the respective teams, and help you mitigate the risk of project delays and costly rework.

AI-Driven Reporting and Analytics for Submittals

With AI-driven reporting and analytics, you can review performance metrics, monitor submission trends, and make data-driven decisions based on that information. Having a clear view of pivotal data will enable your project managers to improve their skills as managers and lead to optimized workflows.

Integrating AI for Document Classification

At Chetu, we like to take the transformative approach to otherwise menial tasks. With Artificial Intelligence, we can develop solutions to automate the sorting and categorizing of submitted documents. We’ll ensure that your documents are easy to find with tags and a smart system that’s enabled to locate and access critical information quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Submittal Exchange Software

Construction submittal software is a technological solution that’s used to manage submissions and review project documents – ensuring compliance and efficient communication.

Some of the key features of construction submittal software include compliance management, user-friendly interfaces, document tracking, collaboration, approval workflows.

Artificial Intelligence can aid construction companies by offering enhanced safety monitoring, optimized schedules, and delivering impactful insights through design analysis. Consequently, improving decision-making and efficiency.

These features work by streamlining the creation, sharing, and storage of documents like plans, blueprints, and reports – making the information easily accessible to stakeholders.

AI can enhance construction submittal software by automating aspects like document review and distinguishing issues. It can also elevate the accuracy of project documentation – improving productivity.

Within project management, Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) aid in vendor selection and communication. As for their functions, RFI seeks clarifications, while RFP invites contractors to bed on a project.

You’ll be able to fast-track construction submittal exchange by streamlining approval processes, maintaining clear communication, and using digital document management systems to accelerate the presenting and reviewing project documents.


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