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Custom Construction Equipment Management Software

Construction Asset Management Software Solutions

Our custom construction software developers provide solutions for fleet, tool, and equipment management systems. We include modules for requisitioning assets, scheduling distribution and transportation, real-time tracking and inventory, analyzing telematics, and managing maintenance. We develop cross-platform mobile apps with digital requisition forms, seamless communication portals, full inventory access, and push/SMS notifications.

GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

We build centralized asset management platforms for tracking equipment with GPS and IoT embedded software. We integrate third-party Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze) to develop custom mapping interfaces for locating all equipment in real time, planning travel routes, and reviewing fleet telematics. We also leverage geo-fencing and other asset security/surveillance technology.

Construction Equipment Maintenance Software

We program construction asset database management systems that maintain traceable service archives and maintenance schedules for all construction equipment, tools, and vehicles. Our maintenance automation solutions cover the scheduling of upkeep/repairs, notifications (SMS, push, and email) of upcoming services dates, instant payment processing upon job completion, and downtime/reschedule planning.

Construction Tool Tracking Software

We develop cloud-based construction inventory management systems and cross-platform mobile apps to streamline workflows for the on-site or off-site requisitioning, distributing, maintaining, and recollecting of construction tools. Tools managers can assign tools to individual workers, organize reusable master lists, and schedule maintenance/devaluations. Tool tracking software utilizes barcode, RFID, and IoT technology for the real-time tool visibility.

Construction Equipment Telematics

Our real-time analytics dashboards track construction fleet telematics and generate reports of KPIs by OEM, contractor org, geographic location, project, or operator. Custom Business Intelligence (BI) software aggregates telematics, including operational/idle time, fuel efficiency, travel time, and time-to-work ratios. We interface with IoT software in large equipment to further analyze performance in order to schedule maintenance and aide in depreciation calculations.

Integrated Construction Asset Management Software

We integrate asset, equipment, and fleet management modules into project management platforms and comprehensive construction or contractor enterprise systems. We develop end-to-end construction management software, with integrations for payroll, accounting, bid management, estimations and takeoffs, accounting, purchase and change orders, Human Capital Management (HCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Our Construction Management Software Development Solutions
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Chetu is a trusted, experienced developer of construction equipment management software for contractors and construction companies worldwide. Consult our asset management technology specialists now to discuss how our construction software development services can help you overcome business IT implementation challenges.

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