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Drive Fleet Management Success With GPS Tracking Software

Rick HeicksenBy: Rick Heicksen


With the advancement of technology, the Global Positioning System (GPS), once heralded for its navigation technology, has lost its novelty. GPS tracking software has improved upon its predecessor with its advanced location accuracy and functionality. This software uses GPS location technology of trilateration to track even more data that expands upon mere location. The satellite network for GPS constitutes 24 active units that allow devices to receive data from various satellites at once. This system enables a user to obtain data that tracks a change in position for other vehicles on the road.

As businesses continually expand their reach, they must do so effectively and efficiently. GPS Tracking software streamlines this process. Many companies have begun implementing this tracking software into their business supply chain and transport management systems (TMS) to optimize productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and secure their assets.

GPS Tracking Features That Will Optimize Your Transport Management System

As more companies implement this software into their operations, many take advantage of its features and telematics. GPS tracking offers many options to improve management, promote productivity, and decrease costs. Many businesses integrate this software into their supply chain and TMS to gain real-time visibility and information about the vehicle and its goods. The software also provides tracking of the vehicle and its assets. Additionally, it is used to track inventory which helps workers determine the location and supply of goods.

Modernizing Monitoring Systems

According to fleet system experts, 65 % believe that GPS fleet tracking is helpful to their business. They reported improvements in routing, vehicle maintenance, and customer service. They also reported decreased accident, labor, and fuel costs. Traditionally, static monitoring systems stay in one place and monitor fleet systems. However, there has been a shift to monitoring systems that allow tracking from any location.

Mobile apps are created alongside desktop software to facilitate remote tracking from any location. However, increased remote use requires improved software to ensure security. Sensitive customer information must be secure within a remote management system as a company continually gathers more data. In order to maintain customer confidence, it is imperative to ensure that customer information is protected from hackers. According to an IBM survey, the global average cost of each data breach throughout 2021 was over $4 million. While this is a significant financial loss, damaging a business’s reputation with a breach is just as bad.

Building Your GPS Tracking System

Creating GPS tracking software requires a combination of hardware and software. Typically, the hardware is:

Software is needed to decipher and interpret the data from the GPS device. It is a low-level back-end functionality coded in C. Suppose higher-level features like geofencing, automatically triggered notifications, visual data, and augmented and virtual reality add-ons are needed. In that case, back-end and mobile developers can use languages better suited to the platform.

Mobile apps pave the way to a remote management system that users can monitor anywhere.

GPS tracking software offers businesses a powerful tool to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. With its wide range of features and potential for customization, businesses can tailor the software to meet their specific needs and objectives. Skilled software developers can engineer a modern fleet tracking system for your organization. Experienced programming experts also work with software providers to enhance their off-the-shelf solutions to provide customizations that address specific industry needs. Contact Chetu to begin building your very own GPS tracking software.


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