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BigCommerce Integrations

4 Essential


Integrations From Chetu

As BigCommerce Partners, our certified developers can integrate any application for all types of businesses.

Site Search API

72% of sites fail Ecommerce site search expectations. The API makes drilling down to a particular item less frustrating for your customers & it may even help them discover products they weren't aware of.

Payment Gateways

Chetu customizes, configures, and integrates payment processors, gateways & other payment software solutions to your BigCommerce website.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can be used to personalize the customer journey. We can program your Ecommerce site to enable AI to recommend products uniquely suited to shoppers which has been proven to increase sales online.

Shipping API

Chetu can give your company greater flexibility by integrating the shipping functionality directly into your Ecommerce site to improve fulfillment.

Hire BigCommerce Developers

Popular storefront solution BigCommerce is highly customizable, and that's where Chetu comes in. Our team programs apps, storefront design and shopping carts, and integrates with all popular payment platforms.

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