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By: Kris Sibley


Keeping thorough and accurate records for your livestock is a critical part of running a successful farm. In this age of technology and data, it's also important to be able to keep track of things like health trends, pedigrees and important dates in the life of an animal.

To do this, the best option is to keep digital records for every animal. Rather than trying to figure out the best way to keep complex spreadsheets and documents organized, many farmers choose to utilize livestock management software instead.

What is Livestock Management Software?

A livestock management system is a streamlined way to keep track of all of the important data on your animals in one simple dashboard. You may currently use a host of separate programs that each track different metrics, but this type of software system aggregates all of that data into a single, straightforward program.

While these AG tech systems are most frequently used as cattle management software, they are also equipped for management of other animals, including the following:

  • - Goats

  • - Sheep

  • - Pigs

  • - Fowl

  • - Rabbits

  • - Horses

  • - Dogs

Farmers and ranchers can track metrics such as cost, performance and sales numbers in addition to other important data like due dates, feeding plans, locations and medical records for each animal.

Woman holding tablet using AG Tech software created by Chetu developers to track important health data of animals.

What Are the Benefits to Livestock Software Apps?

Regardless of the size of your operation, there are plenty of advantages to switching to an aggregate program for livestock record keeping. Using a customized AG tech system can allow you to have all of the information that you need in one place instead of having to use several programs to track the same data.

When all of your information is stored in a single program, it is also easier for you cross-reference, see trends and make small changes that you may have otherwise overlooked because you had incomplete data. Anyone running a farm knows that it's often the small tweaks in efficiency and daily operations that can make the biggest difference when it comes to turning a profit.

In many cases, these AG tech solutions are completely customizable and work across platforms, which means that you can easily access any data that you need from a laptop, smartphone or tablet regardless of whether you're in an office or in the field.

Below are just a few of the benefits to using a livestock farm management software system.

1. Feed Management

Understanding feed consumption is vital to the operational efficiency of your ranch. These AG tech systems cannot only help you develop feeding plans for your animals, but they can also keep track of how much food is consumed by an individual animal. This data can then be used to create simple feed calculations and cost estimates so that you can make quick and informed decisions.

Systems like those developed by Chetu can also help you determine the best nutritional balance for each animal, and if your animals graze, you can use the pasture management feature that helps to plan field yields and herd movements. If your animals receive supplements or undergo diet changes, the feed management tools can show you how these changes affect your herds over time.

Additionally, recording long-term feed data will allow you to look back and see if dietary changes or grazing patterns had any noticeable impact on the health and productivity of your livestock.

Hand holding mobile phone using app created with AG Tech livestock management software by Chetu developers to track important health data of cow.

2. Detailed Individual Records

The extensive recordkeeping features in these livestock management systems are especially helpful tools for ranchers with a lot of animals, but an operation of any size can benefit from keeping detailed records of its livestock.

Individual records can include pictures of the animal throughout its life as well as data on weight, gender, breed, nutrition, birthdate and overall performance. You can also input RFID or ear tag sensor information as well for even easier data tracking.

These files can be continuously updated, and the data fields can be customized to fit your needs so that pertinent information on any animal is available with just a few taps or clicks.

The ability to track specific levels of data for your animals can be incredibly helpful for efficient record keeping, which is key to turning a profit on tight margins.

3. Genealogy Tracking

Keeping track of pedigrees can get complicated quickly if you have a significant number of animals. Integrated livestock dashboards can be created to help you quickly trace dams, sires, offspring and siblings all within an easy-to-navigate tree.

Utilizing dedicated AG tech software for your animals also allows you to keep a tight rein on breeding costs and helps you to produce higher-quality offspring with less guesswork.

Cow tagged with Ag Tech tracker created by Chetu developers.

4. Easy Accounting

Accounting is probably every rancher and farmer's least favorite part of the job, but livestock software apps can do a lot to lessen the pain of keeping your finances in order.

When you opt for a fully integrated AG tech system for livestock management, your existing accounting structure can usually be merged into the new dashboard seamlessly. In the case of Chetu, software specialists can either incorporate existing third-party accounting software or design a completely new and custom accounting system according to your needs.

With these dashboards, accounting is simpler because you can access any information you might need for financials with a few simple clicks, which can seriously reduce the amount of paperwork and headache you have to deal with when it comes to keeping your books in order.

Let Technology Make Your Job Simpler

A successful farming operation takes a lot of time, hard work and patience, but it doesn't have to consume your entire life.

Chetu is a respected global provider of custom AG tech software for the agriculture industry with a passion for excellence and efficiency. If you're looking for a better, easier way to manage your farm or ranch, let Chetu's team of experts design the perfect precision agriculture solution for you.

For more information, visit our livestock management solutions page.


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