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Smart Searching with AI-Powered Personalized Search Engines

Jim Garlock By: Jeff Parcheta

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Information overload has become the prime consequence of our technological evolution. With so much information at our fingertips, it’s strikingly and seemingly impossible to navigate and research it all. However, the solution lies in tools that push us further into an even greater technologically driven future.

Personalized search engines have become a great way for people to find what they’re looking for, but as it turns out, there’s too much information to comb through. This simple fact results in lowered user engagement and customer retention. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI), the latest, versatile Swiss army knife that’s so malleable that industries like entertainment, news, and healthcare are all using it as a tailored solution.

AI-powered personalized search engines use machine learning (ML) algorithms to deliver tailored search results to each user. Companies can use this tool to solve industrial issues and yield the desired results—increased efficiency, improved user experience, increased customer retention, and more.

Crafting Personalized Results

Skilled software engineers achieve this by designing AI-powered search engines that collect data about user behavior, what queries they’ve entered, the websites they browse, and how long they’re there. Afterward, this data is analyzed by ML algorithms to identify patterns unique to that user. The search engine would, as a result, be able to deliver more relevant information that would correspond to a user’s interests and needs.

As for how this can be accomplished, many tools and principles go into making an AI-powered personalized search engine possible - so let’s begin:

These tools and principles all work in tandem to ensure that whatever answer is being sought will return the most relevant and accurate data available. Many industrial sectors within our modern lives can see great improvements in user experience from implementing this technology.

Scrutinizing information to provide a more concise and unique result for the consumer is at the core of this technology’s viability and importance. Some industries can see revitalization, while others can leverage it to gain an edge over the competition.

With an intent to deliver a unique experience for each user, companies can use the help of expert developers to make this a reality. Ultimately, the implementation could resolve the overlapping industrial challenges while providing a tool to improve other areas.

Tailoring Intelligent Solutions

Our current day is being molded by, arguably, shorter attention spans and a constant itch for engaging content. We want the result as soon as we think of it, and with the engrained web of information, it’s not difficult to go through it all; it’s seemingly impossible. However, many industries have realized this and begun to adjust to it with the help of software engineers.

The entertainment industry is the most observable and tangible, with shorter and more controversial content growing in abundance. However, other, more traditional facets of modernity, like healthcare and news media, have taken a hit as well. Therefore, since the trajectory seems rigid here, it’s best to incorporate new technology to assist in the navigation of desired information.

Whether it be content, research, or open fountains of ever-changing information, our growing demands can be met with AI-powered solutions .


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