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Drone use in Construction Industry

5 Ways Drones are Changing the Construction Industry

Written by Patrick Thompson Posted June 15, 2017 by Carolina
Patrick Thompson

Patrick Thompson

Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have found their way into the construction industry and they are drastically changing the landscape. Using advanced data analytics and imagery captured by drones, companies have strengthened their infrastructure and optimized daily business operations.

Drone mapping nowadays plays a vital role during multiple phases of construction including:

  1. Marketing - High-quality aerial imagery and video footage captured by UAVs can be combined with drone-generated sensor data to create accurate 3D BIM models and renderings. These tools are often used to help community leaders and clients see the viability of a project. Additionally, they can be used to promote a project to potential investors by helping them visualize the finished development.

  2. Surveying – Since the inclusion of drones, land surveying has become more efficient and cost-effective. Companies no longer have to rent expensive equipment and hire a dedicated team of contractors to map out an area or property. This makes the planning stage less time-consuming and inexpensive without sacrificing on quality or quantity of data.

  3. Remote Monitoring – The use of camera drones can give investors and clients an up-close and personal view of the ongoing project while they are off-site, which greatly helps improve customer relationships and makes managing projects remotely easier for project managers.

  4. Improving Safety – Safety is of optimal importance in construction. UAVs allow construction project managers to observe sites in great detail from a remote location without putting workers at risk. The information gathered from these inspections can be used to enhance workflows or develop new site logistics plans that identify areas of interest.

  5. Insight Gathering – Drone-generated data allows construction managers to create more accurate 3D BIM models and high-resolution orthomosaic maps that measure true distances and elevation. By overlaying drone-generated point cloud data over the 3D BIM model, project managers can track up-to-date progress on projects, trim costs, and identify mistakes before they can produce costly setbacks.

In most cases, drone software can be integrated with in-house programs currently in use, as well as with popular Autodesk design tools like AutoCAD, InfraWorks, Civil 3D, Navisworks, and Revit.

For construction companies, the return on investment (ROI) is enough of a reason to support the adoption of drones. UAVs cost less to fly and take faster, more accurate measurements than a human survey team. They can be operated remotely to collect additional data on a site as many times as needed while removing any risks associated with sending workers to a potentially dangerous location.

The intelligence generated by drones allows construction project managers to distribute their resources with greater efficiency, increases safety, and reduces overall project costs.

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