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Powering The Future With Digital Energy

Jim Garlock By: Rick Heicksen


As our demand for energy has continuously grown, there has also been an increase in environmental concerns that we face, including carbon emissions. In addition to the environmental issues, there are also economic implications, as high energy consumption can be costly for households and businesses.

There's much to be said about how we can change this to improve future outcomes. An interesting fundamental area most don't know much about is "digital energy." The term itself can create a confusing topic to wrap one's head around. Still, in simple terms, digital energy is utilizing digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize energy systems, improve efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions.

It turns out, digital energy is the solution that can improve the environment while addressing the issues of energy imbalances, saving households and businesses significant money. Let's look at how seasoned developers can leverage their expertise to make this a reality.

A Closer Look at The (Potential) Digital Energy Revolution

In layman's terms, digital energy refers to the digitization of processes within the energy and utilities industry using the aforementioned technologies and others. Digital energy can improve the exchange of information between supplier and consumer and optimize the production and consumption of energy to yield environmentally positive results. Digital energy can face the following challenges:

With that established, now the question becomes how can we not only address but jump over these hurdles? Software developers work closely with energy analysts, data scientists, and other engineers to implement various digital solutions such as smart grids, energy management systems, virtual power plants, and blockchain-based energy trading.

Digital energy solutions provide real-time monitoring and control of energy systems, use predictive analytics to optimize energy systems, integrate renewable energy sources more efficiently, offer customer-centric services, prioritize cybersecurity, and promote sustainability. This is possible through an amalgamation of technologies, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Plugging into a Brighter Future

The challenges faced by the energy and utilities industry, including imbalances between energy demand and supply, aging infrastructures, difficulties integrating renewable energy sources, and more, thankfully, have digital solutions.

Real-time monitoring and control of energy systems, predictive analytics for optimizing energy systems, efficient interrogation of renewable energy sources, and customer-centric services that prioritize sustainability are achievable by leveraging seasoned developers and cutting-edge technologies. These solutions can lead to more efficient use of energy and promote greater sustainability, ultimately changing the world for the better and helping households and businesses save on power costs.


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