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NetSuite Cloud ERP Software

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NetSuite is a scalable and complete ERP cloud solution for large and mid-size businesses. Back and front office processes are automated including revenue, order, inventory, financial, and billing management. The organization is provided with reports and key performance indicators for every position. The platform includes a management suite linking sales, fulfillment, and pricing. NetSuite solutions offer warehouse administration for inventory management, with regular updates for fulfillment data.

Both outbound and inbound logistics are managed with NetSuite services to decrease the cost of ownership. The HCM features optimize human capital value, while accuracy is assured for procurement to payment processes. A flexible pricing scheme is included with the compact ERP suite to ensure every user has a tailored package. Growth is supported at an affordable price to decrease software investments. A free product tour is available to examine NetSuite services. NetSuite is used in 160 nations by over 16,000 enterprises.

The NetSuite solution provider offers ERP management to support HR, service, finance, operations, and sales departments. The cost of technology support is decreased by eliminating server hardware expenses and outsourced application hosting. Customer and supplier collaboration is enabled through B2B business portals to improve business partner relations. The configuration and application development tools offer flexibility for the requirements of growing businesses.

Netsuite ERP Benefits

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Thousands of companies use Netsuite accounting software for expense management and financial performance. Netsuite accounting software provides seamless integration with Netsuite order management, CRM, and order management software. The supply chain is improved with purchasing, manufacturing, and inventory management features. Procurement, inventory, and supplier indicators can be viewed in real-time. The NetSuite solutions module for order and billing management brings together sales, fulfillment, and finance operations to improve workflow.

The result is an improvement in quote accuracy, revenue recognition, and a decrease in billing errors. Payment management, invoicing and approval responsibilities can be automated. The centralization of shipping, invoice, order, and customer information helps decrease fulfillment mistakes. The module can be integrated with shipping carriers for the management of order processing costs and new shipping rates. Revenue recognition management enables the calculation and creation of accurate statements for financial service and product transactions.

The Netsuite services module offers flexibility for the vision of the company while helping ensure profitability. The company is assisted with forecasting and budgeting, setting yearly goals, numerous financial scenarios, and expectation management. NetSuite provides customizable templates for custom reports capable of accessing all system data in real-time. The generation of what-if scenarios provides a solution for financial planning. Human Capital Management is offered to maximize productivity while decreasing costs.

Workflow for the front and back office is integrated with the revenue model to improve customer retention and business growth. The business intelligence features are built-in by NetSuite for maximum accuracy in production and financial management data. NetSuite solutions transform numerical data into visual analytics. NetSuite is functional, expandable, and configurable. The NetSuite solution provider provides clients with prices customized for the needs of the business. The dashboards are flexible, providing several customizable layouts.

System data can be reported and analyzed in real-time with tracking for outstanding invoices and account balances. The dashboard helps with routine data by offering reminders for meetings, calls, and deadlines. Invoices can be created, bills paid, purchase orders submitted, expenses tracked, documents managed, reports generated and precise records maintained. The software enables the entire supply chain to be handled effortlessly to improve productivity and efficiency.

Features Overview

Features Overview


Audit Trail Visibility:

Fixed Asset Management:

Payment Management:

Demand Planning:

Warehouse Management:

Vendor Management:


Billing Management and Invoicing:

The NetSuite Solution Provider

As a company in operation since 2000, Chetu offers Netsuite ERP Solutions. The company provides essential expertise and experience to ensure the best possible software development. Numerous types of companies rely on Chetu for customized software to meet the demands of the modern world. This includes Start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between.


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Chetu was incorporated in 2000 and is headquartered in Florida. We deliver World-Class Software Development Solutions serving entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 clients. Our services include process and systems design, package implementation, custom development, business intelligence and reporting, systems integration, as well as testing, maintenance and support. Chetu's expertise spans across the entire IT spectrum.

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