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11 Key NetSuite Implementation Steps

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood


If you are looking to grow and expand your business, you need the right software for the job. Enterprise resource planning software is an excellent addition to any growing business.

With ERP software, you can manage all areas of your business without much effort. You save time and money so that you can take your results to the next level. You are about to learn the main benefits of NetSuite and what it can do for your bottom line, letting you make the right choice for your business goals.

Benefits of NetSuite

NetSuite is an ERP solution that has your needs in mind each step of the way. You can manage your inventory, track customer service issues, and more. NetSuite also lets you track your spending and purchase orders. Although many ERP solutions offer these features, NetSuite has benefits you won't find anywhere else.

This platform lets you choose which features you want so that you only pay for what you need. You don't have to replace your current ERP solution when you use NetSuite. NetSuite lets you add its features to your existing software platform if you don't want to replace everything.

Benefits of NetSuite


Planning is the first step in the NetSuite implementation process. Get together with your top information technology experts to plan your next move. Consider how many servers and computers you will use in your implementation, and decide how long you want your integration to take.

Create a blueprint of the steps you plan to take along the way, but you must also remember that things won't always go as you planned them. Alter your plan based on new information when you move forward.


Making an announcement is the second step when it comes to NetSuite implementations. Let anyone who will use the platform know you are making the upgrade, and you can compile a list of questions your team has about the change. Let your team know when you plan to finish the integration and how it will impact your company's roles. This ensures everyone knows what to expect when you go live, and you save yourself a lot of trouble along the way.

Create Backups

For your third step, create backups of all your data before you do anything else. It would help if you had backups in case something goes wrong during your change. For example, you could make a mistake and crash one of your servers, causing you to lose all your data. You could lose customer contact information, employee records, and other vital data. Creating backups before you begin prevents that problem and gives you peace of mind.

Create Backups

Start Small

As far as NetSuite implementations go, starting small is a tremendous fourth step. You don't want to make a mistake that impacts your entire business. If you upgrade your full company and face problems, you must fix every computer and server you have. On the other hand, you won't face that problem if you start small and expand over time.

Test Your Results

Test your results before you do anything else, and you will be glad you did when you see the difference it makes. See how well your company runs and what your team thinks of your NetSuite implementation before deciding if you will expand. Talk about any issues you have if you would like to solve them before you go live. Please make a list of any complaints your team has so that you can resolve them, preventing you from facing unneeded complications in the future.


After testing your results, it's time to talk to your entire staff about your ERP implementation. You want to begin training them on how to use the software. Cover the most important aspects of your ERP and NetSuite system to make sure they are updated by the time you go live.

When you train your team, you can offer classes or hire a company to complete the training for you. Decide what path you want to take before you let your team sign up for classes. If you can do it, offer courses on different days and times to make sure everyone can attend.

Get Feedback

Make sure you get as much feedback as possible after you train your team. Ask if they have any questions or feedback about your class and your implementation. Some people might not want to offer feedback directly if they don't want you to know how they feel about the switch. To overcome that problem and get as much feedback as possible, let people offer feedback with anonymous comment cards.

Create Backups

Scope Management

Scope management is another vital part of the process you can't overlook if you care about the outcome you get. The scope of the project includes the duration and effort you put into it. If you are not careful, your project's size could increase as you implement your ERP solution.

For example, someone could make a mistake that requires you to do more than you planned, or you might face unexpected issues. Following your plan and ensuring your team stays on track is a smart way to manage your scope.

Expand Your Implementation

You have taken many steps to make your ERP implementation go smoothly. You are now ready to expand to the rest of your company. Begin by dividing your workstations into groups and upgrading them into sections. If you use this approach, you can train different areas of your company as you move forward. This is an excellent approach if you don't want problems to impact your entire implementation. Even though you are doing a full expansion at this point, you still isolate issues and prevent them from hurting your entire company.

Expand Your Implementation

Getting Started With Chetu

Even if you have an information technology team, implementing a new NetSuite platform is not always easy. Simplify the process by hiring NetSuite experts to give you a hand and move you toward your desired outcome. At Chetu, we believe in putting our clients above everything else, and we have the experience and training you need to reach the outcome for which you have been hoping.

We use a collaborative approach and get your new NetSuite platform online before you know it. We also make sure you don't have any problems as you move forward. If you would like to put your worries to rest and let an expert team take care of the rest, contact Chetu today.


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