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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Netsuite
Technical Perspectives

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Netsuite

Written by Atit Shah
Atit Sah

Atit Shah

Operations of all size manage a complicated internal architecture apart from the consumer-facing side of their enterprise. Although we often emphasize the outward production and the flow of resources into the system, a convoluted internal system can cause even the most lucrative productions to crumble

Accounting, sales, marketing—these working parts are indicative of the health of the whole. When each department is subjected to a different process and management system to define their current roles, relationships, and goals, the business as a whole suffers.

We waste large sums of money and valuable time gluing the fragmented components together to understand how departmental successes impact the business on a holistic scale. Chetu recently join the NetSuite's Alliance Partners Program, allowing us to help business to rectify inconsistencies and unifies all departments by migrating them to a NetSuite's platform that consolidate everything in a cloud-based business management suite.

NetSuite Supports International Operations

It is no secret that commerce is becomingly increasingly global, B2B and B2C commerce exists on a momentous scale, and one of the challenges of globalization becomes the ability to convey your services in a myriad of languages.

Translation tools leave proprietors with language that fall short of the native syntax, missing the subjective nuances and localized constructions.

NetSuite supports your multi-language needs, programmed with the most widely used languages. NetSuite languages include English, French, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Japanese.

ERP at the Right Price

This enterprise resource planning (ERP) system comes at the right price with scalability options to ensure the size of your business equates to the cost.

Not only do business owners see a drop in initial investment, but an increase in ROI because there is no reason to expend resources on integrations.

NetSuite is self-sufficient and merges all departments in the form of a unified portal. In addition, NetSuite offers professional services and educational training for all subscribers, a nice extra to bring your staff up to speed.


Essentially, NetSuite serves as a 360° view of your business, allowing you to deliver into the underlying mechanisms, as well as those on the forefront.

NetSuite compartmentalizes each facet of the operation, serving as a liaison between you and your team. NetSuite organizes and sorts all incoming and outgoing data, eliminating the usual pain points. Imagine accessing your inventory, purchase requests, employee database, and order fulfilment statistics from a singular access point.

This unified structure supports the omnichannel mode of commerce, or in other words, syndicating the multiple channels involved with commerce so they all leverage the same processes. Syndication yields compelling benefits for the consumer and the business; UI/UX improves tremendously and the operation has greater control over output.

Syndicating the Cloud and Process

The Cloud has been a driving force over this last decade, revolutionizing data storage and software implementation and igniting growth in nearly all industries.

Before the Cloud, data was subjected to hard drives and decentralization which left the information susceptible to corruption.

Rather than storing software on individual CPU systems, the cloud provides an all-access platform where users can tap into the software of their choosing by logging onto the cloud. Now, the only limitation is internet connectivity.

Fortunately, NetSuite is a cloud-based platform; all updates execute automatically and without delay, making software maintenance a concern of the past.

NetSuite users can login from any device, accessing all of their information at any moment in time. This ensures total transparency across departments considering the processes are available through the cloud.

Robust Reporting Modules and Dashboard

To understand what direction to take your business, you must first understand where you have come from and where you are at the moment. For this reason, Chetu considers NetSuite's user dashboard its most intelligent function.

NetSuite's user dashboard is kept in real-time, displaying your KPI's and most telling analytics. Although NetSuite offers over 100 standard reports to choose from, they also have customizable options where users can build reporting modules from scratch to better outfit their needs.

Customize your NetSuite dashboard to include graphics and performance forecasts to ensure you are getting the most from your data.

To learn how you can integrate your existing business platforms with NetSuite, create custom software to meet your business needs, or migrate to NetSuite, contact Chetu.


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