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Creating New Benchmarks with NetSuite for Finance Industry

Lenny SteinmanBy: Lenny Steinman


The financial industry operates under several prerequisites within a business landscape that requires companies to readily adapt and evolve to meet client demands, regulatory compliance, and market challenges. Optimized resources and streamlined workflow are paramount for delivering exceptional client service and distinguishing company performance within a competitive industry.

Adept software developers have enhanced Enterprise Resource Planning platforms to provide seamless communication between multiple company departments, facilitating more collaboration to expedite project completions. Deploying NetSuite, an intuitive ERP customized by software specialists, enhances hallmark ERP features, but its versatility enables broader capabilities to streamline existing operations and modernize them.

ERP Evolution

Enterprise Resource Planning platforms are the foundation for streamlined business operations. An optimized ERP enables a business to efficiently manage inventory, supply chain, sales, finances, and customer relationships. The finance industry relies heavily on creating partnerships, successful delivery of customer service, and effective financial planning and accounting processes to ultimately grow revenue streams.

Enterprise resource planning technology was initially implemented within the manufacturing industry as a means to accurately track production quotas and expenses. Today’s ERPs have been customized by dedicated software developers to optimize any industry. Implemented within the financial industry, complex data sets are analyzed and the platform creates detailed reporting in real-time. This feature is invaluable if a company operates within a global market, such as stocks because traditionally generated reports are not completed nearly as efficiently as today’s modern, enhanced ERPs.

A Powerful Resource Enhanced by Today’s Software Experts

NetSuite ERP is a powerful financial management resource enhanced by software experts to comprehensively streamline all major business sectors within finance. End-users utilizing a robust NetSuite ERP are able to access and monitor company and financial performance in real-time, facilitating prompt evaluation or proactive correction.

The financial industry is held to strict compliance standards and implementing NetSuite ensures all financial and regulatory standards are upheld because the platform maintains a detailed audit trail, eliminating the need for manual audit documentation.

NetSuite ERP offers an array of features that are specifically tailored to meet the evolving demands of the financial industry. The advanced analytics optimized by skilled software developers facilitates efficient creation of reports compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), guidelines instilled by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and several Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.

Optimized Tools for Unique Insights

Customer relationships are critical for ensuring longevity and success are not exclusive to any one industry. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms have been augmented to expand beyond the parameters of merely documenting sales calls, budgets, and customer interactions. Within NetSuite CRM, the platform features a comprehensive 360-degree customer overview to include more customer profile data intelligence, reduced customer service expenses while monitoring satisfaction and implementing intuitive metrics to accurately track lifetime customer value; comparing expenses of retention vs. generated revenue.

Many companies believe innovative resources always come with high expenditures. Still, NetSuite ERP can be deployed via Software as a Service (SaaS). This enables opportunities to enjoy the full features of resources such as NetSuite ERP, with a skilled software development team responsible for the maintenance and upgrades of the platform.

With reduced upfront costs of SaaS, the accessibility of today’s intuitive ERPs has never been greater. Business challenges are rarely the same. SaaS programs implemented by software specialists also offer access to Cloud-based NetSuite ERP resources, which can be customized to exceed the demands of today’s financial industry challenges.

Streamline Global Finance and Exceed Demands

Successful business modernity is predicated on its ability to capture and monitor data effectively. For the financial industries, several services are data-driven and function within what experts term a ‘dynamic market.’ With key financial industries like the stock market driving global economies, NetSuite, enhanced by dedicated software specialists, provides the industry with new resources to streamline global business models and help personnel exceed demands.

Global finance requires adherence to several guidelines and regulations, often hindering companies from the timely completion of tasks. With an enhanced NetSuite resource, all compliance processes are streamlined and accessible to multiple parties via the Cloud. This allows personnel to reprioritize tasks to build positive customer relationships and automate ‘boilerplate’ processes. The versatile platform provides convenient currency exchanges, reducing manual conversion inputs and easing taxation rules and regulations input processes, as well as compliance.

ERPs have evolved greatly, and with skilled software professionals providing responsive service to companies looking to optimize operations, NetSuite is an invaluable resource to exceed the demands of the ever-evolving global financial industry. For customization and implementation of NetSuite for finance, you should work with a reliable software development company. Chetu is a certified NetSuite Alliance Partner, offering complete NetSuite implementation, programming, consulting, and support services to provide optimal solutions for businesses. Contact us for NetSuite services today.


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