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5 Benefits of Integrating Payroll Software in Businesses

William DawseyBy: William Dawsey

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What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software programs are applications that handle the payroll process for any business. Effective applications will manage all facets of the payroll process by tracking all payments and maintaining all employee records, such as tax information and pay structure. These applications usually integrate easily into a company’s existing procedures, making the payroll process more streamlined.

Payroll management software comes in two different forms:

- On-Premises: software is fully housed within the property of a company and is generally safer, but on-premises payroll programs usually come with a much higher price tag.

- Cloud computing: comes with a host of benefits when it comes to software. A third-party provider will host all applications offsite, allowing the software to be interacted with from anywhere around the world and to be scaled up or down depending on the needs of the company, making its distribution

Benefits of Payroll Software

Benefits of Payroll Software

1. Minimize Human Error

Payroll management software limits the amount of information that must be manually entered during the payroll process. Data entry often leads to human error during the manual entry process, and applications created to handle the payroll process provide a single, centralized place for employee data to be stored and viewed. This means the data only needs to be entered once, decreasing the odds of human error taking place. A simple misplaced 0 can have expensive repercussions for a company, and payroll apps will minimize these pricey risks.

2. Streamline Onboarding

HR often has a lot on their plate, and payroll management applications will lessen the load on HR by streamlining the onboarding process. This piece of Human Resources software usually offers several self-service options for new employees to upload their documents to the system, removing a large chunk of work for HR departments and allowing these departments to run more efficiently. These self-service options also make documents immediately available for the payroll process. If a company’s software is cloud-based, employees all over the world can upload these documents using self-service portals.

Streamline Onboarding

3. Get People Paid Accurately

One of the most important factors to employee happiness and employee productivity is their ability to get paid correctly and on time. Payroll management software offers many features that will keep employees happy and paid on time. Most payroll applications have a direct deposit function that will deposit an employee’s pay right into their bank account on a strict schedule, removing the need for them to take the time to go to the bank and deposit a check. Payroll applications also offer self-service portals that will allow employees to check on the status of their pay, eliminating any worry that payment will be delayed.

4. Simplify Tax Filing

Dealing with taxes is an important but complicated aspect of any business. Tax rules are different in every jurisdiction, and they can change often with very little warning. Due to the complicated nature of taxes, companies can make an easy and costly mistake.

Payroll applications simplify the tax filing process, eliminating much of the hassle that comes with tax management. Most payroll software developers have included several features into their software that can track any changes made to tax rules in the areas a company operates. Most software also has the ability to calculate any tax withholdings for employees in a fast and efficient manner, ensuring that all tax deadlines are met and obligations fulfilled.

Simplify Tax Filing

5. Stay Compliant

Compliance errors are the bane of any company’s existence. As many as 25 percent of all companies end up paying penalties to the IRS each year. These errors are not purposeful and are usually the result of a business being unaware of a changing regulation. Payroll programs allow a company to stay compliant and eliminate the wasteful penalties that can stack up as regulations quickly change without warning.

The most common way these applications allow companies to stay compliant is through their constantly updating systems. Just like most pieces of software, these programs have the ability to download updates pushed by their developers, and these updates usually address any compliance requirements that have recently changed. Some apps also provide alerts that will notify a company of any impending changes or updates that may have recently been implemented.

Importance of Custom Payroll Software

Payroll management software is the backbone of any company and an integral component of an effective HR management system. It keeps the employees paid and the company compliant. Most companies need to ensure both of these things take place, and payroll software is designed to cover these simple bases. Each company is unique and has its own HR department with its own policies. For this reason, it is important for companies to get custom payroll software developed specifically for their needs.

A company has the ability to make their payroll applications coincide with their own internal policies. This process usually begins before payroll software development takes place. A good developer will take detailed analysis of their client company’s HR matrix and determine the specific policies the HR department has implemented. Once these unique policies are identified, they will be used to build a unique framework the developers will follow to build a custom payroll app.

Chetu is one of the leading payroll software development companies, and they utilize their years of experience to deliver world-class payroll solutions that integrate perfectly into any company. Their development team is keenly aware that companies need to stay compliant with ever-changing tax regulations. Their developers automate payroll tax management applications that are custom built to operate according to local, state, and federal regulations. They are also able to program automatic updates and alerts that will notify a company of any regulation changes to taxes and payroll, minimizing the odds of penalties.

When you need software that powers your business, you need Chetu. Contact us today to learn more about our business-focused solutions.


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