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Customized Franchise POS Systems: A Versatile Resource to Mitigate Retail’s Challenges

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood

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Retailers suffered significant blows to their revenue and business models during the height of the global pandemic. As retailers continue to rebound and work to address labor challenges and declines in revenue, companies are reevaluating business models and utilizing software programs further to enhance functionality and work toward effectively solving bottlenecks that hinder efficiency and profits.

Labor Trends Problematic for Retailers

U.S. retail is always a closely studied component of economics. It functions as a gateway to product and service distribution to consumers and is always used as a gauge for consumer price indexes, a compiled average of what a household spends on consumer goods and services. Additionally, economists cite retail statistics and trends to forecast economic growth and strength.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the retail job sector is projected to decline by 587,000 jobs from 2020 to 2030, the largest decline of any sector. As the industry continues evaluating their business models to address ongoing staffing challenges, software specialists may offer new resources and enhancements to mitigate the significant issues the retail industry is facing.

Enhanced Resources to Alleviate Challenges

Franchise Point of Sale (POS) systems have earned prominence due to their versatility and ability to optimize workflow. With significant declines in retail labor personnel, optimizing workflow can be quickly prioritized.

POS systems are often mistaken as being used exclusively at retail registers to facilitate quick, digital-based payment options or for expedient processing of orders. For e-commerce, digital-based payment and ordering options are primarily focused upon for POS system selection, but let us look deeper into how an optimized POS system can alleviate in-person challenges for retailers.

Effective franchise POS systems enable standardized, established processes across multiple locations. This ensures streamlined protocols for customer orders, payments, and management expectations, reducing miscommunications and costly errors resulting in lost inventory, revenue, and sales.

Software designers can program franchise POS systems to be highly versatile. Managers can also rely on enhanced systems to accurately track inventory, analyze reports that highlight what products/services generate the most revenue, and even predict future sales activity. Software specialists can enable franchise owners and retailers to optimize business processes across all locations thanks to pre-installed settings and features, reinforcing the sustained value of franchise POS systems.

Top Franchise POS Features

A robust franchise POS system is paramount for most businesses to implement standardized protocols and succeed in a competitive marketplace. The following features are key to having a fully optimized POS system.

Transcending Labor Trends with Customized POS Resources

Continued labor reports cite staffing issues and supply chain logistical challenges that impact retailers. These factors have created unprecedented stress on economies, but there are available resources to transcend these trends that force companies and stakeholders to reevaluate business plans moving forward.

Expert-level software designers are invaluable resources as they continue enhancing POS systems that empower companies to run multiple businesses in different locations efficiently while streamlining workflow amidst rising labor turnover and supply chain challenges.

Utilizing a custom, versatile POS system assists companies with tailoring their business plans. Modern POS systems need to solve specific pain points, ensuring minimal workflow disruption and working toward reversing revenue losses exacerbated by the global pandemic.


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