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How Chetu Overcomes the Barriers of Traditional Outsourcing

Cultivating Creative Code

By: Pravin Vazirani

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How Does Chetu Overcome Outsourcing Pain Points?

Chetu prioritizes communication with nearshore contacts, scales to your business model, and only hires industry experts. Chetu draws from an unparalleled breadth of industry-specific skills, and leverages these skills through custom development, implementation, and staff augmentation solutions.

Chetu has the resources you need.

The Talking Points

Chetu prioritizes communication.

Our nearshore offshore model mitigates any communication or geographical deficits that inhibit conventional outsourcing designs. Clients receive a nearshore contact to serve as an interface for client-developer dialogue, leaving all the productivity usually lost in translation funneling into the project at hand.

Chetu is committed to maintaining open channels of communication between all parties by meeting the native time zone of our clients. We eliminate time deficits by coming to you and aligning your team and project needs cohesively. Rather than providing the engineer in solidarity; we build clients their own comprehensive project team.

line drawing of a project team at a table

Where competitors provide the minimum, we give our clients a holistic development experience. What this does is, it fills any potential holes. The majority of IT outsourcing services have not adopted such an intense approach, depriving clients of a functional platform for collaboration.

Get the ROI you want from a custom solution you need.

Clients leverage Chetu as an apparatus for positive change within their respective markets-trading in their preexisting model for a more intelligent platform.

Chetu's clients leave with a robust deliverable engineered to ignite the ROI they want. And, here is how: by outsourcing, clients minimize initial expenditure without forfeiting quality of code. This allows a redistribution of resources, giving clients the opportunity to channel the money they save into other projects.

Most of the casino games we have engineered produce millions in yearly revenue. We have programmed and implemented inventory management systems for grocery stores and retail fronts that have prevented thousands in product loss.

If nothing else, you will leave with code that increases profit potential and ignites greater consumer visibility. It is basic enterprise: low initial investment with very little liability=monumental ROI potential.

Why not expedite time to market through augmentation?

We all have competitors whom we constantly seek to outplay. Perhaps, you are considering outsourcing software development because your competitor already has the software you need, or maybe you are a brand leader and you are proactively taking the steps to maintain your position.

Breaking news: outsourcing your entire project is not the only option. Chetu offer staff augmentation services as well. Whether you opt into holistic services or compartmentalized services, outsourcing with Chetu is the fastest route to market.

Chetu software development cuts time to market considerably because our developers are strategy-oriented. We zero in on your project and commit until we meet all of the project demands.

Outsourcing is a means of maximizing your resource expenditure by letting experts take care of your back-end development and allocating your in-house resources to other action items.

Name an industry Chetu doesn't service(hint: you won't be able to).

It does not matter if your business is technology-centric; inevitably, there is software that will make your life considerably easier. After snowballing from a trendy choice to a market imperative, software technology has become ubiquitous and paramount to surviving in a frenetic consumer climate.

Software development varies from industry to industry the same way different dialects emerge in neighboring geographical areas. Proprietors require developers with industry-specific experience, ones who speak the same dialect per say.

By outsourcing with Chetu, you will work with developers who have serviced every industry known to man, avoiding gaps in understanding that often pair with onboarding in-house developers who only leverage experience in a single industry.

Avoid the intensive training required to bring an in-house developer up to speed. Our outsourcing alternatives mold to your business model and promise experts in your niche development field.

Well, what has Chetu done?

In lesser words, we could explain what we have not done. In our portfolio, you will find a colorful repertoire of app development, migrations, backup and disaster recoveries, maintenance work, and everything in-between.

Footlocker, Johnson & Johnson, Brookstone, Live Nation, and Petco are among some of the brands that trust Chetu to help them keep pace with the revolving, technological demands of the digital world.

Well, what has Chetu done

Clients own their own code.

Following the delivery process which is designed to ensure customer satisfaction, Chetu clients receive the intellectual property rights to the source code of their software. At this point, Chetu no longer claims any ownership over the software, and clients can implement the code where they choose.

This proprietary information is turned over without any additional costs. The majority of software development companies overwhelm clients with paperwork and fees neglected in their contracted price, but at Chetu terminating service after completion is a painless process. Clients leave Chetu with a piece of property they believe in.

Chetu only collaborates with thought-leaders.

We leverage partnerships as a means of immersion, becoming certified experts on the technologies we frequently service. Most partnerships require that our developers undergo a comprehensive training program.

Although the process is grueling at times, the payoff is immense; Chetu developers graduate from these training programs knowing the ins and outs the most influential code architecture and platforms, allowing them to turn around and apply the knowledge they have acquired to all future projects.

We are an evolving force, and each day we seek to conquer the growing demands of software development. Partnerships foster this type of continual growth, while simultaneously allowing Chetu to become a trusted name in the technology they offer.

Some of these partners include: Microsoft, Oracle, Clover, Big commerce, EllieMae, First Data, VeriFone, Shopify, Veradigm formerly allscripts, & more. These partners recognize Chetu's capacity to provide integrative or migratory services for clients who frequently implement their solutions.

You are probably asking, 'so what is this going to cost me?'

Well, how do you put a price tag on custom?

You are probably asking, 'so what is this going to cost me

If we provided something off-the-shelf and generic, we could tell you, but static price points are impossible when every solution we provide is individualized and never before.

Other development firms entice customers with lowball estimates, delivering low-quality service with no regard to the client's time-to-market objectives.

Chetu only gives estimates after fully vetting projects and designing a project plan. We do not make promises we cannot keep and we only charge for the work we do.

Receiving an estimate after designing a project plan ensures total transparency, so clients understand exactly where their money is going. This way each client knows how many developers their project requires, how long the project will take, and the level of sophistication they can expect from their final deliverable.

The best part: no contracts. Think of Chetu as an extension of your own company, rather than a 3rd party. Chetu clients maintain total control over the length of service throughout the relationship.

The bottom line: Chetu has the resources you need.

Chetu guarantees clients the following:

Outsourcing your software development needs eliminates extraneous costs and opens doors, allowing you to meet growing consumer demands and maximize net gain at the same time.

To succeed in a saturated market, you need the best for your business. Let Chetu take the reins, instrumenting the software required to grow your business. Allow Chetu to alleviate your operational pain points today.


Chetu does not affect the opinion of this article. Any mention of a specific software, company or individual does not constitute an endorsement from either party unless otherwise specified. This blog should not be construed as legal advice.

Founded in 2000, Chetu is a global bespoke software development supplier, providing solutions and support services. Chetu's specialized technology and industry experts serve startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies with an unparalleled software delivery model suited to the needs of the client. Chetu's one-stop-shop model spans the entire software technology spectrum. Headquartered in Plantation, Florida, Chetu has fourteen locations throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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