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NetSuite Integration – What You Need to Know

By: Atit Shah

NetSuite Development Services

What Is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a unified business management suite that consists of enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory management, and financial management, manufacturing, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. NetSuite facilitates organizations to keep all back end processes in a single system, enabling businesses to have a competitive advantage and lowered operating costs.

In an effort to find the best workflow solution, businesses utilize a range of platforms and applications to optimize back-office functions based on their particular business needs and requirements. Unfortunately, efficiency and accountability are often sacrificed in an attempt to streamline processes across multiple settings.

That's why integration can be useful for businesses who want to streamline and integrate customers, back-end processes, data, and various applications across an entire enterprise.

NetSuite offers options for integrating internal and external systems. Below we describe common integration options available for seamless communication between the NetSuite platform and other third-party, on-premise, middle-ware, or legacy systems. We also include important considerations when integrating with NetSuite.

Integrating with NetSuite – Top Methods Explained

What is SuiteTalk?

There are two web service options available for integrating external systems through NetSuite. One of them is called Suitetalk, a web service communication layer that can integrate across NetSuite's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship management (CRM), and e-commerce solutions.

Suitetalk is an independent application built outside of NetSuite that provides the ability to use any programming language or platform that supports both lightweight REST-based integration and the SOAP standard to generate business objects in Java or .NET. This integration tool enables you to update, retrieve, add, and delete records to and from NetSuite. The SuiteTalk API comes as an off-the-shelf solution.

Netsuite Integration

What are RESTlets?

RESTlets are another form of integration and a type of NetSuite script that requires use of SuiteScript, which we discuss in the next section. RESTlets facilitates external and internal applications to communicate with NetSuite within the RESTful framework. RESTlets are known for interacting quickly with data, giving developers limited downtime and disruption, also giving them the ability to work freely on their own procedures for standard REST functions like POST, PUT, GET and DELETE.

A major difference between RESTlets and Suitetalk is that RESTlets offer more customization and control. RESTlets can be clearly written and programmed based on specific integration requirements making it ideal for building an API used in other applications.

What is SuiteScript?

SuiteScript is NetSuite's scripting language similar to JavaScript that enables feature-extensive application-scripting capabilities throughout NetSuite. It allows developers to create responsive business logic within the NetSuite ecosystem, customized for specific business needs. NetSuite's RESTlets and Suitelets make use of SuiteScript by providing the capacity to create vital user interfaces using server-side logic. Developers can use SuiteScript to customize the behavior of a page, schedule tasks, and create custom workflows among other things. In addition, SuiteScript offers dynamic debugging capabilities by supporting ad hoc testing specifically for debugging scripts.

What are Suitelets?

Suitelet is a basic form and extension of the SuiteScript API. Suitelets allow developers to customize native NetSuite HTML pages and flash-based, front-end development.

Suitelets give full flexibility when developing application extensions to NetSuite since they are servicer-side scripts that operate in a request-response model. Considering the scripts are programmed usng the JavaScript framework of SuiteScript, modifications are easily implemented.

Consider collaborating with certified NetSuite developers like us, who are equipped with backend industry acumen to analyze your business processes and install NetSuite solutions that meets your operational needs.


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