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Get rid of manual data input, disorganized spreadsheets, emails and costly errors they cause. Chetu helps businesses to connect office applications and create a fully optimized and automated platform.

Universal Adaptors

We develop connections for applications and data sources utilizing adaptors for REST/JSON, XML, FTP, AS2, EDI, SQL, web hooks, on-prem, and more.

Guided User Interface

We provide for no-coding integration by utilizing API adaptors, visual field mapping, drop-down menus, and other tools.

Actionable Dashboard

We update integrations with access to error details, and ability to monitor, manage and re-run integrations.

Advanced Developer Tools

We utilize advanced developer tools for creating and sharing stacks, generating tokens for direct API calls, building wrappers, and more.

Netsuite Integration for Financial Services

Automate transaction processing payments, and receipts between NetSuite and your financial institution.

Virtual Teams

We develop solutions for documents sharing and centralized project updates utilizing NetSuite's cloud-based collaboration platform.

Relationship Management

Manage client relations from one central location. Improve client satisfaction by sharing detailed project reports.

Resource Allocation

We develop solutions for resource management and allocation. Match the right skills to the right project with a built in search feature.


Our solutions to identify areas for margin improvement and streamlining of financial resource allocation and profitability.

Successful Netsuite OpenAir Integration with Chetu

We seamlessly integrate Netsuite OpenAir with your existing front and back-office business systems, and provide popular pre-build as well as fully customized integration solutions. Enhance your workflows, improve project management and visibility, increase your revenue with Netsuite OpenAir Integrations.

Leverage Common OpenAir Integrations:

OpenAir & CRM









ERP, Finance & OpenAir


Jd Edwards


Microsoft Dynamics





OpenAir & HR









Custom NetSuite Integrations

Chetu integrates NetSuite’s SuiteCloud SDK, as well as other third-party apps with your existing platforms to create a unified, all-in-one solution for your business environment.

NetSuite SuiteCloud SDK


Chetu uses SuiteScript to create unique UI/UX, complex business logic, and build a custom interface hosted within the NetSuite framework using Suitelets extensions.


Chetu utilizes SuiteTalk to maximize CSV, REST, or SOAP web services to seamlessly enhance, extend, and integrate third-party and proprietary data sources.


We leverage SuiteAnalytics to create personalized & real-time dashboards, detailed self-service reports, and review analytics to maximize productivity.

NetSuite Certified Partners providing professional services


Our programmers customize & automate business workflows using SuiteFlow, enabling lead nurturing, purchase order approvals, and collections management.


We program SuiteBuilder to create personalized dashboards, set up industry requirements, customize data relationships & user interfaces, and more.


Chetu programs SuiteBundler to easily bundle groups of app customizations, manage all versions of those apps, and instantaneously deploy those apps.

Can't find your app? No problem—Chetu experts will integrate any custom application for your business.

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Transportation & Logistics NetSuite Automation

Shipping Rates

We develop integrations with carriers to provides the best solution for freight and logistics needs. Compare rate offerings in real-time by using our using our multi-carrier rating software.

Warehouse Management System

We connect to your ERP, Inventory System, CRM and Order System. This allows information to be auto-pulled and shared from your systems and push data back from one centralized system.

Routing Optimization

We develop a platform from which to create, manage and share optimized routing plans. Incorporating mapping, searching and categorizing technology to optimize deliveries.

3PL Integration

We integrate with 3PL service provider systems creating a central hub for booking freight, creating BOLs and monitoring NTSB compliance issues.

Media and Publishing Management with Netsuite

Streamlined Operations

We develop user friendly cloud-based business system to manage all media and publishing requirements including financials, sales, services and analytics.

Accelerated Order Insertion

We develop solutions to optimize the lead-to-cash processes and streamline marketing efforts.

Subscription Growth

We provide enhanced customer views leading to increased user renewal.

Ad Tracking Management

We provide complete visibility into the advertising life cycle, from insertion order to invoicing.

Netsuite Integration for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Financial Management

We provide efficiency gains with a powerful nonprofit fiscal management system built to meet the unique needs of nonprofits.

Grant Accounting

We elevate efficiency and visibility into the grant lifecycle by centralizing the housing of terms and conditions, automating time and expense tracking, and managing expenses across multiple years.

Spend Management

We develop controls to ensure full accountability of funds and control and visibility over total spend.

Program Efficiency Tracking

We facilitate data driven decision-making by developing a scorecards for program metrics leading to greater efficiencies.

Netsuite for Manufacturers

Supply Chain Management

We develop controls for the managing all outsourced manufacturing and inbound supplies.

Order Management Control

We create order management systems to manage the entire order process including order taking, pricing and location management.

Scheduling Management

Our developers create solutions to balance demand and supply, ensuring optimal inventory levels.


We develop vendor management and purchasing process modules that compare price and delivery options.

Production Control

We develop solutions for the process of creation, release, update and monitoring of work orders throughout the production process.

Netsuite Solutions for Wholesale Distribution


We develop inventory tracking modules to manage the movement of inventory and transactions in real-time and optimize day-to-day warehouse operations.


We optimize the fulfillment process allowing for on time delivery, our while minimizing shipping costs.


We provide avenues for market research into new products. We create advertising campaign management software that provides marketing automation, and detailed analytics.


We facilitate the maximization of organization wide sales by providing software solutions with high visibility into opportunities, pipeline and pricing.

Single Netsuite Solution for Multichannel Retailing

Ecommerce Management

We create a consistent digital presence to consumers across any device.

Point-of-Sales Software

We develop modern POS software solutions that is compatible with leading POS systems and services omnichannel shoppers and build customer loyalty.

Inventory and Supplier Management

We develop inventory and supplier management software to better meet consumer demands.

Financials and Order Management

We create solutions for a comprehensive view of financial activities and ordering trends.

NetSuite Featured Content: Stay Current With Chetu’s Tech Trends And Projects.

Chetu Simplifies CRM System Through NetSuite Migration

Case Study: Chetu Simplifies CRM System Through NetSuite Migration

Chetu's client is a global technology company responsible for the development and production of personal health and wellness software and integrated hardware products, particularly their scanning technology.

Chetu's main objective was to migrate from WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) to NetSuite through a cloud-based CRM solution, a move designed to increase visibility and ease of use.

Project Details
NetSuite Integration

Blog: NetSuite Integration – What You Need to Know

In an effort to find the best workflow solution, businesses utilize a range of platforms and applications to optimize back-office functions based on their particular business needs and requirements. Unfortunately, efficiency and accountability are often sacrificed in an attempt to streamline processes across multiple settings.

That's why integration can be useful for businesses who want to streamline and integrate customers, back-end processes, data, and various applications across an entire enterprise. NetSuite offers options for integrating internal and external systems.

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Oracle NetSuite & Amazon Integration

Blog: Oracle NetSuite & Amazon Integration

When you integrate NetSuite with the Amazon Market you can import and export inventory, customers, sales orders, and fulfillments seamlessly.

Chetu's world-class software solution developers have the technical knowledge to provide custom integration solutions of both NetSuite & Amazon for your business to stay ahead of the game.

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Mobile Payment Platforms

Blog: Oracle NetSuite Integrate Your Business

Integration is a key catalyst for business growth. It is essential to have your business software applications integrated with a robust tool such as NetSuite. The advantages of designing your systems in this manner yield tremendous cost savings & improved business productivity.

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NetSuite Integration Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite Integration is a process whereby data can be shared between two applications or databases, allowing for seamless data transfer and synchronization between the two systems.

NetSuite can integrate with a wide range of data types, including customer, product, inventory, and financial data.

AI integration with NetSuite works by leveraging the SuiteCloud platform to enable machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities that can be used to improve forecasting accuracy, optimize inventory management, and streamline customer service processes.

AI solutions that can be integrated with NetSuite include natural language processing, image recognition, and machine learning algorithms.

The amount of time it takes to set up AI integration with NetSuite depends on the complexity of the project, but the process can typically be completed in a few weeks.

AI integration with NetSuite can vary in cost depending on the specific features and capabilities that you need, but it is generally cost-effective and can help to reduce costs in the long run.


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