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SAP ERP System Guide: Introducing the
Best Customizable ERP for Your Business

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood

SAP ERP System Development

Who Uses SAP ERP?

Any business facing information management challenges and is in need of organizational technologies to manage a web of departments. The SAP ERP is designed to consolidate operations, financials, human capital management and corporate business processes, eliminating the pain point's symptom of disorganization and mismanagement.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an indispensable asset to any well-functioning enterprise. When an industry-relevant, intelligent and scalable ERP is implemented it will bring a company to new heights in the following areas:

SAP is a top ERP vendor including modules and solutions for a variety of industries, all with essential cloud capabilities. When choosing an ERP, it is important to consider scalability, on-and-off premise capabilities, and main features. Below we will showcase why S/4HANA is a smart choice for any business.

Why Choosing SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP is an Intelligent Investment

The SAP S/4HANA is an on-and-off premise cloud-based software designed for large and mid-sized enterprises. SAP's ERP features triumph over other enterprise resource planning solutions, a claim substantiated by their position as a brand leader, turning the greatest ROI in-class. This ERP is currently trusted by Fortune 500 companies like Shell, Philips Lighting and Seimens.

With this ERP you can run subsidiaries and overseas offices using one system interface with desktop-to-mobile compatibility. There is considerable room for scalability as the company grows. Small businesses who foresee growth can easily integrate to this platform, as well as businesses with exhaustive business processes and a large user base.

SAP ERP System guide

How S/4HANA Provides a Digital-Age User Experience, AI Automation, and Next Generation Business Processes

S/4HANA is integrated with SAP CoPilot, creating the first conversational user experience in the ERP market. Users are able to speak into the system and pull important reporting and insights anytime, anywhere. The AI continually becomes smarter as it adapts to your business needs.

Intelligent, self-learning mechanisms also power this platform. Manual and repetitive tasks are automated so that users can focus on strategic activities. An example is the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning feature that powers the Cash Application. This application matches payments with the corresponding purchase by analyzing historical data, it then initiates the payment process.

S/4HANA is also paired with the SAP HANA platform, a powerful data processing platform that increases speed and reporting analytics for a competitive edge on other ERP's. Companies are seeing a 575% five year ROI using SAP HANA, an incredible ROI a business of any size.

SAP Partner Services for Optimal Usability

At Chetu, we assess your business roadmap and objectives for a smooth transition to a new ERP. From installation to integration our expert developers tailor any pre-existing infrastructure system to your desired ERP software, ensuring no data is lost, old and new applications are properly managed, and the corresponding system upgrades and implemented and customized to your specific business aspirations.

Our developers have experience with S/4HANA and have undergone training as part of our SAP Silver Partnership. Choosing an ERP is just the beginning—implementation is the real battle. Let us take the wheel, masterfully introducing your desired ERP solutions and supporting you throughout the transition.



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