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COBOL Application Development Solutions

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Chetu’s COBOL Application Development Services

Chetu is one of the market leaders and providers of distributed COBOL application development services. Our expertise and comprehensive COBOL code portfolio includes mainframe applications, maintenance and migration such as visual COBOL, Java, .NET, SQL and more. Additionally we also have experience in various industries including Banking, Insurance and Finance.

We offer high-performance COBOL development and deployment tools for Windows, Linux, and UNIX.

Mainframe Applications

Our programmers develop, test, and deploy business applications in COBOL for mainframe computers. Our services include engineering mission-critical applications and systems, modernized interfaces, software security, and ensured availability.

Industry Specialties

Our programmers have experience in a variety of industries, including Banking, Finance, Insurance, Utilities, and more. Our industry specialists have many years of combined experience in your industry’s regulations and standards, as well as COBOL expertise to deliver high-performance software solutions.

Maintenance & Migration

We offer complete software development lifecycle services, updating, maintaining, and migrating technologies while always adhering to ISO/ISE standards for COBOL development.

Net Express/Server Express

We use Net Express (for Windows) and Server Express (for Linux and UNIX) to distribute COBOL applications. We utilize Net Express/Server Express to build and maintain applications for enterprise-level businesses.

Chetu’s COBOL Development Product Integration

Visual COBOL

We utilize Visual COBOL for COBOL application development and deployment. We modernize COBOL systems using Visual Studio and Eclipse as well as deploy COBOL applications and services to new platforms, including .NET, JVM, Docker, and the cloud.


Our developers integrate RM/COBOL ‘s high-performance COBOL platform to provide a familiar environment for developers to maintain and improve RM/COBOL applications for the existing RM/COBOL users.


We provide software solutions to maintain and modernize ACUCOBOL applications across hundreds of deployment platforms for existing ACUCOBOL users.

COBOL Analyzer

We utilize COBOL Analyzer to create analysis, intelligence, and reporting tools designed for Micro Focus COBOL applications. It enables developers, analysts, and executives to achieve a deeper understanding of their application portfolio providing both business and technical insight.


Learn more about our COBOL application development and drop us a line or give us ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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