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MongoDB Database Manager Solutions

Chetu's team utilizes MongoDB as a NoSQL database management solution. As applications update and evolve over time, the dynamic schemas inherent in MongoDB evolve along with it. Our object-oriented programmers align well with MongoDB, because it stores data similarly to the JSON format. MongoDB also scales as a project grows.

AngularJS Web and Mobile App Building

AngularJS works well as an additional Javascript framework. Our team uses it to extend basic HTML functionality to more easily work with the dynamic views inherent in web apps. AngularJS is easily deployable across mobile apps, mobile browsers, desktop apps and desktop browsers, and we can extend it for use with other libraries.

ExpressJS Framework Development

The ExpressJS framework for Node is ideal for our web developers. We host custom Node.js apps using ExpressJS and create our own APIs to adapt to any enterprise need. Express provides a thin layer over Node.js without blocking any Node.js features. This framework can more easily integrate with rendering engines than Node alone.

Node.js Server-Side Environment Programming

Our developers create server-side Javascript web applications using the Node.js runtime environment. Using ExpressJS, AngularJS or another framework as a layer, we can create back-end network apps for many purposes. Since Node is asynchronous, it is non-blocking and far more scalable than traditional thread-based networking.

We Leverage the Power of MEAN Stack to Streamline Your Application

Our developers deliver feature-rich and scalable enterprise applications developed with MEAN Stack.

MEAN Stack Web Development

We make use of MEAN Stack technology for crafting web applications and websites that can transform your website into a more productive as well as effective business. Our skillful MEAN Stack developers are capable of creating websites along with web apps to showcase your business.

Cross App Platform

In every MEAN Stack web development we ensure the application works across multiple platforms with the same user interface and user experience. We develop applications compatible with a range of devices unleashing a huge potential audience for your application.

Why Choose Chetu’s MEAN Stack Developers?

MEAN stack is a highly scalable approach to developing feature-rich applications.

Increase Your Application’s Efficiency With Power-packed Javascript-based Technologies

MEAN represents four software components that are used in the back-end as well as in the front-end development. As MEAN is a JavaScript software stack, all the components are based on JavaScript that delivers flexibility and ease of development.



MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas. MongoDB is developed by MongoDB Inc. and licensed under the Server Side Public License.



Express is the most-often-used framework for flexible Node.js web application development. It facilitates HTTP requests from mobile and web app users as well as the views they see in response.



Whether you want to develop browser and web-based apps or mobile apps, AngularJS is known for its flexibility, is ideal for building apps of all types.



Built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime, Node.js is one of the best platforms built to develop scalable network applications quicker than ever. It is a cross-browser environment made to be a workhorse for developers.


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