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Magento Industry Expertise

Our developers have industry specific knowledge in the B2C and B2B commerce. We combine the best in design, development and implementation solutions to ensure you reach your success in digital in the digital landscape. Let us help bring your business to the forefront of innovation.

magento for automotive

Magento for Automotive

On your mark. Set. GO!

The world is shifting to access the global market through digitization.

The introduction of eCommerce into automobile industry is indispensable and it is expected that the online buyers will rise enormously in coming years. Customers have started expecting transparency in prices, availability of spare parts and business models.

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Fits like a Glove

The relationship between the fit of the part and the car is critical. Help your customer find the right part for their car, they'll be your customer for life. Our developers will create multiple product variables, connect multiple databases to ensure your customer gets it right, the first time.

Integrated Management Systems

Vehicle-product data streams across numerous databases from manufacturers, suppliers, dealers to the end customer. To deliver accurate, real-time information, our developers can develop a robust integration across databases as well as custom inventory management making processing move with ease.

Mobile Parts Locator

When your customer is car is in trouble, or need a tune up from a local shop, they need to effortlessly locate the proper car part without running back home to a desktop. Our mobile solution enables your customers to confidently find the right accessory or part on their mobile, and make payment in a blink of an eye.

Car Inventory Software

Sell cars? Our car inventory management software solutions include complete inventory management for new cars, used vehicles, VIN decoders, list creation, EPA fuel economy database creation, and buyer's guide databases.

Magento for Fashion

Magento for Fashion

The joy of dressing is an ART

Chetu creates personable shopping experiences that speaks to the uniqueness of your brand. Wow your customers and increase profits with custom Magento implementations and integrations to your business.

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Cross-Selling Opportunities

Boost conversion rates and show of your latest trends easily with automated cross-selling. Our developers will automate your eCommerce site show off "latest trends" and "customer picks" to boost complementary items and increase ROI.

Product Attributes

We create seamless flows to show all your products attributes. From size to fit to color our developers can create multiple product variants to suit the needs of your customer allow them to navigate your store with ease.

Social Sharing

Have tons of pictures on your social media? Chetu developers can integrate your favorite social media platforms to your website driving traffic to a new markets!

Easily Complete End-to-End Integrations

Automate business processes and leave more time to focus on what's important: Sales! Our developers create custom integrations to your CRM and ERP systems for seamless inventory management and customer tracking.

Add Extensions

Need custom extensions for your eCommerce Magento store to extend flexibility and scalability? We'll make them! Provide easy navigation and UX and have complete control of the marketplace platform with a number of functionalities.


Magento for Gaming

Game Changer

According to Statista, The global video game industry will grow to a staggering 138 billion US by 2021. Create engaging gameplay with stunning graphics that will have your customers clamoring for the next installment. Gaming development with Chetu will always make you a winner.

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Integrate 3rd Party Apps

Our developers will integrate new or existing back-end platforms to power your site. Whether legacy systems or brand new, Chetu has the bandwidth to create your vision.

Membership Portal

Retain life-long loyal customers with a membership portal. We can create a beautiful front-end membership portal where customers input their information and an intuitive back-end to allow you to create you customer database, review analytics and much more.

eCommerce with a Gaming Presence

Want to add a gaming presence to your eCommerce site? Our developers can create a robust gaming engine to complement your eCommerce site. If your planning to run sweepstakes or games on your website, let Chetu be your go-to developer.

POS Development

Every gaming website needs a safe, secure payment portal. Build customer trust and keeps patron happy with Chetu's POS development. Chetu developers can create a fast, secure POS systems that work with your Magento website to complete transactions safety and quickly.


Magento for ATF

It's all about Compliance

Regulations, ID verification, Compliance; these are just some of the hurdles running alcohol, tobacco, firearms websites. Let Chetu create a beautiful eCommerce sight that matches your customers buyer persona AND meet governmental regulations.

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Compliance, Compliance.

The legal landscape surrounding Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF) is always changing. Making sure you are compliant with laws state to state is mandatory! Set your mind at ease as our Product Managers and Directors put to use their years of experience to ensure you stay compliant.

High-risk Payment Gateway

Many high-risk industries are strongly regulated. You'll need work partner with a high-risk payment processor. Our developers can integrate your eCommerce site to any high-risk payment providers making for a quick, seamless checkout for your customers.

Configure Tax State to State

Chetu understands taxation will differ state to state. Create a beautiful website that also aligns with city and state taxation codes and watch ROI surge!

Minimum Age Verification

With every high-risk website there is the need to verify age allowing entry to a website. It needs to be a clear, concise, up-front view, yet compliment the ascetics and overall theme of your page. Our developers can create a beautiful, customized age verification page to comply with regulations and fit your overall theme.

Magento for home goods

Magento for Home Goods

You style it, We'll design it

Your style, your quality standards, your vision is exclusive to your brand. You need a memorable shopping experience to let your customers just who you are. With Chetu development, we'll bring your site to life.

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Seamless Data Migrations

Whether you're implementing new software or upgrading, Chetu eCommerce development teams can backup, audit and verify for data. Our team ensures your business data's integrity is secure and all inventory as well as historical data and reporting are transferred properly.

Mobile Version

Create beautiful webpages that with responsive designs for tablets and smartphones. Now your customer can shop anywhere. Anytime!

Custom Shopping Carts

With so many home good websites options, online eCommerce shop owners must find away to keep bounces low and conversion high. Amaze shoppers with abandoned checkout recovery, registration creation and much more with Chetu custom developed shopping carts.

Need to Ship?

Chetu developers will create custom applications for shipping and drop-shipping through third-party API's from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS. We can also integrate

Magento for Finance

Magento for Finance

Make your numbers Add up

For your customer the bottom line is most important. Accounting for every dollar and maximizing ROI can surely take your company to new heights. Chetu has the tools to help you, help them.

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Investment Analysis

Our investment analysis software programming facilitates the evaluation of market behavior, probabilities and costs based various factors. Amaze your customer with insights that can put the ahead of the pack.

Plan the Future

Consumers want to have confidence the money they put away today will keep them sustained tomorrow. Give your consumers greater control; Our developers can create dynamic algorithms, custom dashboards, and financial reporting to help your consumers plan their future efficiently.


With our customized tax preparation software services , support the preparation, calculation, and reporting of taxes on a personal and corporate level. With tax module development for ERP and solutions for freelancers, we can provide the necessary tools to stay compliant.

Cloud-based Planning

Connect to your dashboard from anywhere! Our mobile and cloud-based solutions are scalable, allowing access to important information from anywhere, even provided full functioning apps.

Magento for Education

Magento for Education

Mind over Matter

Since the rise of e-learning solutions and corporate learning portals the need for a seamless, motivational experience has arisen. Prospective clients want information in the language they desire with an interface that promotes true retention.

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Engaging Content

Learners now will look forward for your next installment as Chetu developers can creating content authoring tools and features to meet your E-learning objectives. From interactive education to gamification of content, we can create dynamics learning portals to keep information fun and educational.

Web-based Training

Within any cooperation, continual training for employees and managers is paramount to stay on top your field. With customized corporate portals to supported self-paced tutorials and learning tools, we have the development capabilities to match any need.

Student Information System Development

Students can now enroll, check class schedules, contact members of faculty all from one easy portal. We can create custom student information systems to integrate with anything from student management to financial services, having a seamless experience they can depend on.


Have a small workforce? No problem. Have a large workforce? We cover that too! Chetu has the ability to develop robust learning management systems from the ground up. Need a mobile experience as well? We can create an intuitive application for iOS and Android so now your employees can complete training from anywhere.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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