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Work With Certified Odoo Developers

As a Certified Odoo Partner, we offer comprehensive Odoo development, implementation, consultation, and support services designed to drive business growth and success.


Whether it’s developing a new application, integrating with existing software, or extending Odoo to meet your specific business needs, we’ll build a custom-tailored Odoo solution to streamline workflows and optimize your business processes.


As an Odoo Implementation Partner, we work with you to define and configure the best solution that meets the requirements of your business. Chetu specializes in customizing, integrating, deploying, and optimizing your Odoo products to ensure maximum efficiency and growth for your business.


Our certified Odoo consultants possess both software expertise and industry-specific knowledge allowing them to deliver custom solutions using proven methodologies. We will provide support throughout the entire process, from analysis of business needs to the design, development, and deployment of the solution.


Our Odoo support experts work with businesses of all sizes and industry verticals to implement streamlined processes, troubleshoot and solve problems, and foster growth. With our extensive knowledge of Odoo and its capabilities, we offer ongoing support and maintenance of your entire Odoo system.

Custom Odoo Development Services

We design and customize cutting-edge applications using Odoo’s multitier architecture. Our extensive ERP, CRM, and CMS development services include module creation, web development, and any front-end, back-end, and database work.

Custom Odoo Module Development

Our team of expert software engineers can develop custom modules that seamlessly integrate with your Odoo system to meet your specific business needs. Our team specializes in developing custom Odoo modules for various areas of business operations, including sales, accounting, inventory, and more.

Custom Odoo ERP Development

Our certified Odoo developers provide end-to-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) development services, including custom module development and database management. Our Odoo ERP development services help business of all sizes and industries, from startups and SMBs to large enterprises by creating solutions to integrate and automate business processes across the organization.

Custom Odoo CRM Development

Our expert developers provide custom Odoo CRM development to help you organize sales activities and enhance lead engagement, ultimately optimizing the sales process. We can customize and integrate Odoo CRM with your existing systems or develop new custom CRM solutions.

Custom Odoo CMS Development

Our team of Odoo experts can create custom CMS programs through Odoo to help manage your website content and enhance your online presence. Our experts can create custom modules, templates, and plugins to enable streamlined content management. We can also facilitate seamless data flow by integrating your CMS with your other systems.

AI-Powered Odoo Solutions

Unleash the power of AI in Odoo for a streamlined business experience. Our integrated AI solutions offer advanced data analysis, customer engagement, operational efficiency, and quality assurance. From elevating decision-making with insights to providing AI automated workflows, talent acquisition, and financial management, our AI-powered modules ensure a future-ready business.

AI-Powered Data Analysis and Reporting

Our experts implement AI algorithms within Odoo to enable sophisticated data analysis and reporting capabilities. We leverage Machine Learning to power algorithms so businesses gain valuable insights from their datasets. Predictive analytics allows Odoo users to forecast sales trends, anticipate demand fluctuations, and identify potential outliers.

Enhanced Customer Engagement with AI

We harness Natural Language Processing to develop AI-driven chatbots. We integrate these chatbots into Odoo’s CRM module, offering automated customer interactions and an AI-assisted CRM. AI algorithms analyze customer data stored in Odoo, facilitating personalized marketing strategies and sales approaches based on individual preferences, behaviors, and historical interactions.

Improved Operational Efficiency by AI

We optimize operational efficiency in Odoo through AI-driven solutions. Predictive analytics and machine learning enable demand forecasting in inventory management, minimizing overstocks and stockouts. We integrate predictive maintenance algorithms to ensure proactive equipment management, reducing downtime. AI-driven workflow automation streamlines processes, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Quality Assurance with AI

We integrate AI into Odoo’s quality control process to revolutionize how businesses ensure product quality. Image and sound recognition and analysis enable automated quality assessments, while anomaly detection algorithms swiftly identify defects. These AI-driven quality control measures contribute to improved product consistency and customer satisfaction.

AI-Powered Financial Insights and Management

Our AI technologies enhance financial management within Odoo by providing advanced analytics, fraud detection, and risk management capabilities. Through advanced analytics, businesses gain valuable insights into performance metrics, revenue patterns, and expenditure trends, fostering informed decision-making and cost optimization. Fraud detection mechanisms safeguard financial transactions, ensuring the integrity of data.

External AI Integration

Our developers can integrate AI services and APIs into Odoo flexible systems, offering diverse capabilities. Integrated AI tools provide users with advanced functionalities, ensuring a comprehensive experience within the Odoo platform. The emphasis on security in AI integration guarantees the protection of sensitive data.

Custom Odoo Industry Solutions

Through our custom Odoo development and implementation services, we create tailored solutions across industries to streamline workflows, enhance functionality, and help your business drive growth.


We can build custom Odoo solutions tailored for companies in the finance industry to help fulfill complex financial management needs. We can be build modules that cover areas such as accounting, billing and invoicing, and tax management.


For the retail industry, our custom Odoo developer solutions are built to enhance processes such as inventory management, sales, and customer data management, enabling greater efficiency. We develop custom retail-focused modules for point-of-sale (POS) systems and e-commerce platforms.


Our certified Odoo experts can build healthcare solutions designed to streamline administrative and clinical processes for healthcare providers. We can develop custom modules for patient management, appointment scheduling, and electronic medical records (EMR) systems.

Supply Chain

We develop custom Odoo modules to help businesses in the supply chain sector with managing inventory, shipping, and distribution. Our custom Odoo solutions for supply chain cover areas such as warehouse management, logistics management, and supply chain planning.

Hospitality & Travel

To help businesses within the hospitality & travel industry operate more efficiently and drive growth, we build custom Odoo solutions to streamline operations for hotels and resorts, travel agencies, and other businesses. Our solutions include hotel and restaurant management systems as well as travel booking portal development.


Our custom Odoo development services for the education industry can help schools and other educational institutions streamline and optimize their administrative and academic processes. We can develop custom modules and features such as course management, student management, and learning management system (LMS) to provide resources for both in-person instruction and e-learning.

Odoo Integrations & Plugins

To save your company’s time and resources, we offer Odoo integration and plugin services to help you integrate Odoo with third-party platforms and services for efficient data flow and collaboration. With custom plugins you can extend Odoo’s functionality and meet the specific needs of your business with additional features.


Our certified Odoo experts can integrate Odoo with various platforms and services such as Salesforce, QuickBooks, Shopify, and Magento.

Frequently Asked Questions About Odoo

An expert software engineer who designs, builds, and customizes features in the Odoo ERP software using programming concepts and the Odoo framework.

Odoo development is primarily done using Python programming language, which is a high-level, general-purpose programming language.

Odoo is a powerful open-source ERP software that combines various business activities, including sales, accounting, inventory, and HR management.

Yes, Chetu has a dedicated global Odoo product support team that operates around the clock to assist users worldwide. It ensures that users in different time zones can access timely support whenever they encounter issues or have questions about the ERP system.

Yes, we provide robust Odoo customization support services. Companies can leverage these services to tailor the ERP system to match their specific workflows, industry standards, or other unique needs. Businesses can hire skilled custom software engineers for more complex customization projects.

Odoo incorporates AI functionality in its software, such as predictive modeling, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms. It enhances business decision-making and optimizes various processes, from sales forecasting to customer support.

While Odoo is a powerful open-source ERP system, some businesses may find the initial setup and customization complex. In such cases, hiring a custom software engineer may be necessary to tailor Odoo to meet specific business needs.

Odoo is a versatile ERP solution suitable for businesses of all sizes, while SAP is primarily targeted toward larger companies. Odoo's modular and flexible nature allows it to adapt to the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises.

Chetu offers comprehensive Odoo product support services to ensure users get the most out of the Odoo ERP software. It includes general troubleshooting and issue resolution, bug fixes, and assistance with software implementation.


Looking for a certified Odoo Developer? We can help you, drop us a line or give us a ring; we would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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