Ticketing Software Solutions


Ticketing Platform Solutions

Chetu provides custom ticketing platforms development, including multi-channel applications, websites, integration services, event/venue management, mobile ticketing solutions, social media tools, analytics, brand management, as well as mobile ticketing applications for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and more.

Web Software Programming

Our experts program websites, portals, and web templates with interactive seating/maps, event search/geolocation, acceptance of multiple payment types, responsive design, real-time inventory, oversight controls, and brand management. We also develop web-based ticketing platforms, ticket exchange/reseller, and ticket broker.

Ticketing Software Design

We design ticketing software customized by industry and event types, including entertainment, casino, sporting events, community/mass participation events, fairs, and trade shows. We also build the architecture for e-tickets, print at home tickets, and automation services for mailing.

Event Ticket Management Software

Our event ticket management software solutions support event and venue management modules such as admission control, ticketing validation, scanning/device applications, patron tracking, and fraud detection/prevention applications, as well as provide invitation and distribution channel management and centralized ticket management and reservation systems programming.

Ticketing Software Integration

Custom integration services with ticket resellers/exchanges, social media APIs/tools, analytics platforms, websites, inventory systems, are supported by third party APIs, including TicketNetwork, StubHub, Ticket Utils, and more. We integrate pricing engines with real-time inventory, auto-upload applications, and sales management platforms, as well as program social media API integrations and social sharing applications.

Sales Management Applications

We provide sales management applications development for applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Point-of-Sale (POS) applications, orders processing/fulfillment, multiple payment types support, split/mobile/social payments support, promotions/coupons management, ticket transfer, and brand management.

Online Ticketing Software

Our online ticketing software solutions include multi-channel ticketing application development for various types of transactions such as online, onsite, e-commerce, reseller/3rd party, call center, mobile app, and more.

Ticket Analytics Software

We engineer ticket analytics software solutions, including conversions tracking, performance monitoring, real-time/customized reporting, and more.

Interactive Ticketing Solutions

We design interactive venue, seat, and floor plan simulators and seat/space selection preferences, as well as engineer attendee and exhibitor self-registration portals with integration to stand-alone kiosks.

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Chetu is the premier provider of custom ticketing software development solutions for businesses worldwide. Consult our ticketing software solutions specialists now to discuss how our development services will help you overcome your software technology challenges.

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