Useful Software Tips for the Novice Online Ticket Brokers
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Useful Tips on POS and API Integration for the Ticket Broker Novice

Written by John Bailey Posted byCarolina
John Bailey

John Bailey

Online ticket brokering's growing internet presence since the early 2000s has resulted in a ticketing software market that is saturated with various technologies that help ticketing proprietors enhance and streamline their operations. However, the ticketing industry is extremely fragmented and not all software systems are guaranteed to meet the specific needs of each broker.

For those who want to get serious about reselling tickets, off-the-shelf solutions will not suffice. To capitalize on a booming market and efficiently handle high volumes of ticket sales, it is imperative to utilize custom inventory management systems, pricing engines, ticket processing software, as well as seamlessly integrate to other brokers' APIs.

Not all turn-key ticketing software offers accurate price comparison engines and protect against double sales when selling tickets on more than one channel. Luckily, auto-uploader syncing features reduce the chances of "double sales" when broadcasting to various marketplaces. This software monitors your inventory file for any changes and automatically uploads your most recent inventory record to all the secondary ticket markets you have integrated with.

Another important aspect about your ticketing platform is whether or not it is compatible with mobile devices. Ensuring mobile optimized websites with intuitive User Interfaces (UI) offers great flexibility as it allows users more than one way to access your system. Furthermore, a limited number of ticketing processing systems available provide electronic delivery, such as e-tickets, delayed delivery options for print-at-home tickets, or mobile.

Ticketing and POS/API Integration

The security of your processing software is a critical component that defines the success of any business. As a ticket reseller, you will be responsible for keeping valuable credit card and transactional information safe. Should this data be compromised, it can be highly detrimental to the company's reputation and hinder future growth.

Additionally, you can maximize your reach by integrating other brokers' APIs such as TicketNetwork, Ticket Utils, and StubHub onto your website to allow Broker-to-Broker (B2B) and Broker-to-Consumer (B2C) exchanges to take place. Many ticket resellers use this strategy because it can greatly increase sales thanks to having real-time communication and inventory exposure across a myriad of outlets.

To best optimize for the uniqueness of each industry, ticket resellers can make the most of their investments by partnering with certified software development experts to develop and integrate their websites with the right-fitting ticketing software, APIs and tools. These elemental systems are essential to properly manage a real-time inventory, automatically add markups, process transactions, and offer customers a convenient ticketing solution.

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