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Chetu’s EV Software Solutions Power the Future of Electric Mobility

As a leading technology provider in the transportation industry, Chetu is now transforming the electric vehicle landscape. Our custom EV transportation software fulfills the industry’s need for AI-enabled EV fleet management solutions, comprising vehicle telematics and tracking software, energy management solutions, and smart grid integrations.

AI-Powered Electric Vehicle Software Solutions

We expertly develop AI-assisted electric vehicle management software that provides intelligent insights, optimization capabilities, and cost-effective strategies that maximize the benefits of electric vehicle adoption. Our skilled engineers build and implement custom fleet management software that comprises a range of AI-enabled fleet management solutions, such as enhanced fleet and route optimizations.

Custom Fleet Management Software

Our experts build and implement custom AI-enabled EV fleet solutions that utilize machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze data in real-time to streamline fleet operations. This cutting edge technology enables route planning and optimization, vehicle tracking, predictive maintenance, charge management, energy consumption optimization, driver behavior analysis, and more.

Maintenance and Diagnostics Software

Our advanced AI-powered electric vehicle solutions comprise intuitive maintenance and diagnostics tools to monitor vehicle health by analyzing computational data and identifying patterns to predict when a vehicle might need maintenance or repairs. Features such as predictive maintenance, fault detection, and remote diagnostics provide accurate, actionable insights that reduce downtime and costs associated with unexpected breakdowns and effectively maximize the lifespan of your EV fleet.

Driver Management and Safety Software

Chetu’s AI digital specialists design intelligent AI-enabled fleet solutions to analyze driver behavior and promote safety. These solutions integrate tools that identify areas for improvement in driving skill and performance and provide real-time alerts as well as training modules to assist drivers in operating vehicles more safely, and with greater consistency and efficiency.

Vehicle Telematics and Tracking Software

Chetu’s skilled team of digital experts develops and implements telematics software that comprises GPS tracking, location-based services, and mileage monitoring to provide real-time location and status updates for all EVs in your fleet, enabling you to surveil and optimize routes efficiently. AI-enabled EV tracking software analyzes vast amounts of data on vehicle performance, energy consumption, and maintenance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to enhance overall cost-effectiveness.

Energy Management Software

Our digital transformation experts develop solutions for AI-based energy management for electric vehicles. This cutting-edge software analyzes driving patterns, traffic conditions, and other variables to fully maximize EV energy usage. Features of energy management software deliver AI-enhanced battery optimization and AI-powered EV range prediction insights to extend the range of the EVs in your fleet.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Our team of developers build intelligent AI-driven EV infrastructure management systems with custom AI solutions to analyze charging patterns, energy demand, and infrastructure utilization to optimize the deployment and management of smart, AI-driven EV charging stations. This revolutionary technology ensures ample charging availability, reduces congestion, and cuts charging costs.

EV Charging Station Management Software

Our smart charging solutions begin with an automated AI-driven EV charging network designed by Chetu’s skilled engineers. We program highly intuitive EV charging system solutions capable of scheduling charging times and locations for EV fleet vehicles based on factors such as battery levels, vehicle usage, and the availability of electric vehicle charging stations to ensure optimal charging efficiency.

Mobile Applications for Charging Stations

Our experts specialize in custom mobile app development for charging stations, alongside our expertise in developing custom software. Our team creates smart, AI-driven EV charging applications that are tailored to enhance the electric vehicle ownership experience. These applications provide users with easy access to charging infrastructures and various value-added features, such as charging station locators, real-time availability, route planning, start and stop charging, reservation systems, payment and billing options, usage analytics, charging progress monitoring, and more.

Smart Grid Integration

Chetu provides smart grid integration for EV charging by connecting electric vehicle charging infrastructures with smart city systems, enabling features like optimized traffic flow, smart parking, and access to real-time information about charging station availability. The combination of demand response, load balancing, and renewable energy integration for EV charging provides a range of benefits, including optimized grid management, reduced costs, increased renewable energy utilization, and a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

Electric Vehicle Software: Frequently Asked Questions

EV software, a potent instrument for supervising and improving the charging of electric automobiles, is also proficient in streamlining the administration of power grids, expediting the management of payments, and guaranteeing effortless control of charging stations for individuals without expertise in the field.

Commonly used programming languages in EV software development include C, C++, Python, Java, and MATLAB/Simulink. Each language has its own advantages and is chosen based on the specific requirements of the software and the hardware platform it runs on.

EV software development presents unique challenges, such as optimizing power management algorithms, ensuring reliable and secure communication between vehicle components, integrating with charging infrastructure protocols, complying with safety and regulatory standards, and providing a user-friendly experience. Overcoming these challenges requires expertise in both software development and electric vehicle engineering.

AI enables intelligent autonomous systems in electric vehicles. When batteries are low, it automatically switches to battery mode and recharges. Experience the transformative power of AI in optimizing EV charging.

Single-phase and 3-phase EV chargers differ in their power delivery capabilities. Single-phase chargers provide power through one wire, while 3-phase chargers utilize three wires for increased power efficiency. Understand the distinctions between these charger types for optimal electric vehicle charging solutions.

The future of EV software development is promising, with trends focused on enhancing autonomous driving capabilities, improving energy management algorithms, integrating advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), enabling over-the-air updates, and enhancing cybersecurity measures. Additionally, there is a growing demand for software solutions that enable vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration and support electric vehicle fleets.


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