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New Tech: The Benefits of Digital Transformation

By: Paul Bracht


The advent of various disruptive technologies has become a point of intrigue for many industries. Some industries, like education and banking, are already adopting these technologies out of circumstances like the pandemic. However, new digital technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital platforms can enhance an organization.

Others, like the energy, entertainment, and agriculture industries, face various issues or could benefit from technology that could optimize workflow. When it comes to the specific industries of healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics, this is especially true when we look at the advancements happening today.

Capable of fostering innovation and streamlining operations, digital transformation, while complex and requiring communication between a business and a developer, can place these industries in a better position to serve their customers or patients with improved service quality and experiences.

Digitally Transforming Industries

In simple terms, “digital transformation” is implementing digital technology to transform manual or non-digital aspects and processes of an organization or business. The implementation leads to fundamental changes in how the organization operates. Alongside Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Digital Platforms, other important technologies that lead to digital transformation in industries are AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT). Below is a brief breakdown.

Broadly, implementing digital transformation features can improve efficiency, productivity, and customer experience, lead to innovation, boost data-driven decision-making, and improve profitability. These are a handful of aspects that can be integrated into an industry. However, how can these advancements practically help industries?

  1. Healthcare:

    1. With big data analytics and AI capable of analyzing patient data, providers can make more accurate diagnoses and identify patterns in patient behavior to develop personalized treatment plans.

    2. Additionally, providers have been incorporating telemedicine and digital health platforms such as patient portals.

      1. In turn, these implementations, like electronic health records (EHRs), can improve patient outcomes, save resources, and increase access to care.

  2. Manufacturing:

    1. An industry synonymous with technological advancement, the manufacturing industry can utilize IoT, big data analytics, and AI to create “Smart Factories.”

    2. Smart Factories can monitor production in real-time and change what is necessary to optimize production processes, improve product quality, and reduce downtime.

      1. Through this execution, manufacturers can reduce waste and improve product quality.

  3. Transportation and Logistics:

    1. A cloud computing infrastructure makes it possible for IoT sensors, AI, and big data analytics to communicate with one another to track and monitor the movement of goods through GPS tracking, plus automate and optimize various processes.

    2. These processes include route planning, predictive maintenance, risk management, inventory management, and other operational efficiencies.

      1. As a result, the industry could see improvements in customer service, supply chain efficiency, and reduced costs.

  4. Retail:

    1. Leveraging advancements in data analytics, AI, and augmented reality (AR), the retail industry can personalize its offering, provide virtual assistants, and better understand customer behavior, preferences, and trends.

    2. AR and AI specifically can be combined to offer immersive customer experiences and virtual try-on, among other things.

      1. Subsequently, these implementations could yield improved customer experiences, increased sales, and optimized operations.

These are only a few industries that would benefit from digital transformation. Other industries have already seen these benefits; industries such as finance and education. Some of them have already incorporated a variety of these solutions with the help of software developers!

Embracing Digital Transformation: A Game-Changer for Businesses

Implementing digital transformation technologies can be challenging, with the need for significant investment from companies, plus changes to the established structures and processes. Despite this, the benefits outweigh the potential pitfalls. That can be avoided with a collaboration between the company and reliable digital transformation experts.

Digital technologies go into all areas that make up a business through digital transformation. However, the fundamental changes the industries could take can range from increased efficiency and improved customer experiences to boosted revenue streams. Developers can leverage innovative technologies like internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more to make this possible.

As a result, the evolving nature of the business can be met with the right tools to stay competitive in today’s digital age.


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