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Theme Park Management Software

What are the Must-Have Features

By: Pravin Vazirani


What Features are Theme Parks Looking For?

Theme park management software provides solutions that can streamline the tasks and duties that managers are responsible for. Much like resorts and other tourist attractions, theme parks must offer certain amenities to their guests, including restrooms, entertainment, and dining establishments. The addition of carnival attractions and thrill rides makes managing a park even more of a challenge. However, with the right software, it can be a lot easier than you might think.

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Key Features Every Theme Park Management Software Should Have

Ticketing Software

Quality software for amusement parks will include ticketing software that's designed specifically for the theme park. When software is customized, there won't be any worries about confusing menus or useless functions getting in the way and making things harder for staff members.

Season Passes

Season passes are a great way to help guests save money while earning profit. After all, every time guests visit a park, they'll spend money on snacks, souvenirs, and other concessions. Theme park software should provide the framework that will allow guests to buy season passes in person or online. There should be options for printable e-tickets as well.

Group Packages

What could be better than visiting a theme park as a group? Theme park management software should simplify the process of both buying and selling group passes, which are perfect for youth organizations, church groups, and school trips. People tend to purchase tickets in bulk less often than they purchase for individuals or smaller groups, and a simple interface will ensure staff members don't struggle with figuring out how to complete the order.

Third-party Integration

Some people choose to purchase things like concert or amusement park tickets via third-party companies, such as StubHub and TicketNetwork. A quality software for theme parks will support the use of these and other third-party applications. This makes it easy to increase ticket sales by having tickets available as many places as possible.

Point-of-Sale Software

Having a quality POS system can do wonders for theme parks. It's the central hub for all the park's operations. Along with printable e-tickets, theme park software should be able to allow guests to book their tickets online.

Admission Control

Managing admissions is another complex part of running an amusement park. Having people coming in with printed tickets, season passes, wristbands, and more. When investing in a quality software system, it is key to design customized systems for turnstiles, speed gates, and other types of entryways. Barcode scanning and biometric validation are other methods that can be used to manage park admission. Having these features ensures that the flow of traffic coming into your park isn't hindered by the wide variety of entrance methods.

Theme Park Management Software development

Visitor Management

When speaking of amusement parks, the term "visitor management" usually refers to tracking the way guests explore a theme park. This includes gathering data on factors like how often they visit, what rides and attractions they prefer, and what restaurants and gift shops they buy from. A good theme park software should include visitor management, which helps gather and organize this data for use in future decision making.

Digital Signage Maps

Digital signs can provide information for guests as they explore a theme park. They can display park maps, advertise restaurant deals, or alert guests to park news or ride closures. A quality software developer can guide you through the entire process, from creating a custom software to making it user friendly. Good software should include everything a theme park needs to make use of signs, such as tools for content creation and implementation for third-party applications.

Resource Management

HR Management

Theme parks are large organizations with many people on staff. Quality software will allow human resources to effectively manage the rest of the staff.

Shift Management

An excellent software for theme parks will help managers keep track of who is working each shift. Knowing what's going on with staff is important. If someone is needed, it will be easy to look up what area of the park they're working in. If there were ever an emergency, it would be simple to make sure everyone was accounted for.

Scheduling and Timekeeping

Managing a large team isn't easy. People call in sick at the last minute, trade shifts with other team members, and request vacations. All of this must be handled by shift managers. Theme park software makes the process easier. Easily check which team members are available, who is working in what area of the park, and how each team member has been performing.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance is important at any business, but for a theme park, it's one of the most crucial aspects of management. Rides, restaurants, and attractions must be regularly inspected and maintained to preserve safety and meet health regulations and codes. With a quality software, managers will be able to keep track of which attractions are waiting on maintenance workers and which have been recently maintained. Along with repairs and other maintenance, software can be used to keep track of janitorial services, gardens, and more.

Build a Custom Theme Park Software with Chetu

Chetu's development team has plenty of experience with customizing amusement park management software including integrations, mobile solutions, and more. When it comes to software development, our goal is to create a hub by customizing the dashboard and applications in a way that will help theme parks thrive.


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