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Remove Friction Through Intuitive Custom Loyalty Program Apps for PAXSTORE

William DawseyBy: William Dawsey


Merchants who work with PSPs, PayFacs, or MSPs are constantly looking to improve customer loyalty. They know that investing in customer retention provides a high ROI. Everyone loves to see new customers, but returning customers are the foundation of a successful business. Many merchants employ loyalty programs to encourage repeat business. However, traditional loyalty campaigns are becoming more challenging to sell. Keeping track of extra cards in a purse or wallet can get frustrating, and many consumers will forego the hassle.

Innovative digital customer loyalty apps address two major friction points that prevent customer participation in loyalty programs. Operating the program as an app paired with payment information means customers do not have to go through a time-consuming sign-up process. They can enroll through a simple checkbox on the terminal. This practice eliminates the need for sharing personal information during enrollment.

PAX integration between payments and loyalty programs means no more fumbling around punches or stamps at checkout. Transactions that meet the criteria automatically register in the loyalty app. This arrangement also ends the frustration of losing a card that was one stamp away from a reward.

An experienced PAX technology development team can work with PSPs to build custom loyalty apps. These products will help increase consumer spending and visitation while providing a smoother customer experience. Loyalty programs coupled with PAX POS applications will benefit both merchants and their service providers. They can enjoy the advantage of loyalty programs without the irritation of traditional formats.

The Importance of Supplying Merchants with a Digital Payment Loyalty Solution

Case for Migrating to the Cloud

App development is about solving problems, and customer retention is one of the most significant issues for merchants. The stronger the relationship a client has with a merchant, the more money they spend. Loyal customers are also more likely to act as ambassadors that bring new people to the establishment. For PSPs, customer loyalty means more profitable transactions to process.

Although loyalty cards and other programs are familiar concepts, moving them to the digital age is new for many merchants. Custom loyalty apps are potent tools PayFacs, MSPs, and PSPs can offer their clients. These service providers will provide a framework that allows easy customization and simple implementation with PAX POS terminals. Merchants will appreciate a PSP that provides resources that enhance the relationship with their customers.

In the past, merchants-based loyalty programs on in-person interactions with their clients. However, modern businesses need a broader approach as more customers look for mobile and contactless options. Developing an omnichannel loyalty app allows the merchant to offer benefits wherever their customer may be. The same application can handle online, mobile, and in-person purchases. Developers with experience in PAX integration will build the app to work with existing POS systems and coordinate a smooth implementation.

Well-Designed Loyalty Program Apps will Remove Friction

Case for Migrating to the Cloud

Loyalty programs are supposed to encourage customers to return to a business. However, people have limited tolerance for a lengthy checkout process. When things feel too complicated, they may abandon their carts in online shopping or seek a different in-person business.

Brick-and-mortar establishments know the importance of moving people through the checkout line. Shoppers who wait too long get frustrated, leaving them with a poor business impression. Customers who hold up the line because they cannot find the right card are aware of this discomfort and become stressed. A flawed checkout process is an unpleasant experience for everyone involved.

Checkout frustration also extends to the virtual world. Once people decide on a purchase, they want to do the transaction quickly. A convoluted series of enrollment forms do not make a positive experience.

PayFacs, MSPs, and PSPs would do well to provide software that will incorporate loyalty programs with customer payment information. With this arrangement, customers receive their loyalty credits automatically with every applicable transaction. When they are due for a reward, it comes as a pleasant surprise rather than a benefit that does not feel like worth the time.

Stamp cards are one of the most familiar loyalty programs. When customers accumulate enough stamps, they get a free item or special discount. An MSP can offer an application compatible with PAX technology that copies this function and allows merchants to customize it to reflect their brand and needs. The customer receives this benefit without any extra work or sharing personal information. Instead, the app works directly with the PAX POS terminal, where clients can quickly check their status.

An app designed to work with PAX technology provides several advantages. The MSP can list it on the PAXSTORE platform, where merchants will deploy it with PAX devices like the A910, A920, and A930. Clients can be confident that the loyalty program app will meet the same security and privacy standards as other PAX technologies. Professional PAX integration creates a seamless customer experience at checkout.

Building a Successful Loyalty App that Works with PAX Technologies

Case for Migrating to the Cloud

The combination of PAX hardware, payment software, and the PAXSTORE platform offers a convenient way to bring innovative applications to market for service providers. At Chetu, our PAX app developers can build custom loyalty apps that work well with the latest PAX technologies. Consumers can quickly check their loyalty program status when properly formatted for terminals like the A920.

The developers at Chetu can create PAXSTORE compatible applications that are ready for deployment on PAX point of sale terminals. In addition, their programs can address friction with any part of the payment and checkout process. Companies that provide valuable resources for their clients will have an advantage in a crowded payment marketplace. Merchants will appreciate an integrated approach to loyalty programs that brings function without friction. MSPs, PSPs, and PayFacs will enjoy the benefits of increased payments to process.


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