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We develop multi-channel custom loyalty program software that include rewards like gift cards, discount vouchers, cashback, digital punch cards, and more to enable businesses of all industries to reward and incentivize frequent customers.

Customer Loyalty App Development

Our developers create customer loyalty apps that enable businesses to create campaigns using business logic layers to automate promotional pushes based on customer engagement patterns, survey/review completions, and internal business conditions.

e-Commerce Shopping Cart Development

We configure e-commerce shopping carts to generate BI recovery stats, prevent cart abandonment with automated notifications, facilitate API shipping processes, and more with features to reward customer loyalty programs and create suggestions based on customer data.

Omnichannel CRM Loyalty Management

Our experts develop loyalty program platforms that work across all retail POS channels, including websites, mobile apps, and brick-and-mortar retail software, to facilitate customer outreach with tools for managing multiple accounts, campaigns, and reward “currencies.”

Customer Activity Tracking

We modify existing systems like Shopify, Prestacart, and Magento to create, manage, and deploy custom loyalty apps with features that enable retailers to track consumer behavior across multidimensional segments and archive transactions and navigation behavior data.

Loyalty Program Software Analysis

We integrate BI software into existing enterprise software to enable businesses to analyze ongoing loyalty campaigns. We plan future incentives with AI tools that identify customer spending habits, disbursement periods, and more, translating data into shareable reports.

Loyalty App Design

Chetu’s developers design dashboards to display customer balances, profile information, transactions, and more with features that enable users to opt-in/out of geo-fencing, manage email frequency, report discrepancies, and complete verification tasks.

Custom Loyalty Solutions

We engineer robust solutions designed to enhance customer engagement, drive repeat sales, and increase customer lifecycles with advanced and personalized features to enable businesses to track and analyze customer data.

Custom Loyalty App Builders

We create user-friendly solutions for building reusable custom loyalty programs that enable anyone within an organization to make updates with custom fields for user information.

Custom Special Offer Programs

Our custom special offer program development services help businesses grow their customer base and revenue by increasing acquisition and re-activation. We augment in-house development teams to add proven programs to digital libraries regularly.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing Solutions

Chetu’s experts build custom, fully automated marketing solutions that enable businesses to acquire more customers, increase revenue, and access real-time client data throughout the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to retention.

Brick-and-Mortar Loyalty Solutions

We develop custom solutions that enable businesses with brick-and-mortar locations to create rewards programs with a digital version of a loyalty punch card that customers can use to earn points through in-store visits on their mobile device.

Custom Loyalty App Features

Our developers customize loyalty program solutions with advanced features to create a robust, all-in-one application that enhances customer engagement, generates revenue, and provides visibility into customer behaviors.

SMS Campaigns

We program features that enable businesses to run automatic campaigns via text messages, including pre-purchasable flash deals and offers according to tracked events like birthdays.

Reporting Dashboard

Our developers equip solutions with reporting and analytics dashboards to provide businesses with real-time metrics and full visibility into the program’s performance.

Social Sharing

Chetu’s experts develop features to reward customers who refer friends and share offers on social media, enabling organizations to acquire customers and increase brand visibility.

AI and Machine Learning

We implement AI and machine learning features that utilize marketing scenarios and algorithms to create personalized offers and rewards based on learned customer behaviors.

Custom Loyalty Program Integrations

We provide seamless integrations with leading third-party loyalty and rewards programs to create a robust solution that optimizes marketing processes, incentivizes customers, and provides valuable insights.


Integrations with Kangaroo allow for customer engagement and communication across multiple channels for retail and e-commerce businesses of any size.


We integrate with TapMango to enable powerful SMS/Email marketing, flash sales, online review boosting, and mobile ordering with your existing POS.


Our integrations with Higher Logic provide an online community where organizations can leverage authentic word-of-mouth marketing techniques.


By integrating with Upzelo, we help subscription businesses reduce churn with real-time data, customized offers, and channels for customer feedback.


We seamlessly integrate with Yotpo to assist brands with increasing CLTV by rewarding customers for impactful actions with various custom campaign programs.


Integrations with Fivestars combine payment tools with automated and intuitive marketing, providing a way for brick-and-mortar businesses to easily bring more customers back.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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