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Chetu’s experts develop retail software to take brick-and-mortar stores to the next level by implementing e-commerce capabilities, AI-driven technology, and various systems to manage and enhance brick-and-mortar businesses of any size or industry.

Retail ERP Software Integration

We integrate ERP and MRP applications to ensure complete operational oversight and comprehensive management for purchases, orders, inventory, warehouses, accounting, multiple store locations, and franchises.

Omnichannel Development

Our experts are highly skilled in platform interoperability, and they develop native, mobile, and web applications, including headless CMS and digital experience platforms (DXP) that can be integrated with omnichannel payment solutions, chatbots, and AI virtual assistants.

Inventory Control System Development

Chetu’s developers program the latest RFID inventory control technology to efficiently track and manage raw materials, products, and vendor/client purchasing so that inventory control systems can prevent shrinkage/loss, identify inefficiencies, and reduce errors.

Brick-and-Mortar Analytics

We develop business intelligence (BI) software and data warehousing software and integrate each type of software with systems for customer relationship management (CRM), sales tracking, and inventory management to allow for custom reporting and loyalty programs.

Logistics Management Services

Chetu’s experts customize last-mile delivery and reverse logistics management solutions and seamlessly integrate them with popular third-party logistics APIs from FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, Amazon, Seamerix, Omnitracs, and more.

Retail POS System Development

We provide brick-and-mortar retailers with custom POS systems to facilitate all payments, including credit, debit, fleet cards, electronic balance transfers (EBT), checks, mobile payments, loyalty rewards, gift cards, and prepaid cards.

Custom Brick-and-Mortar Retail Solutions

We create robust solutions to enable brick-and-mortar retail businesses to streamline workflows, implement innovative technology into physical spaces, and easily manage operations.

Retail Execution Solutions

Our developers build intelligent custom platforms to automate all retail business processes and improve efficiency with advanced features like image recognition, augmented reality (AR), and recommendation engines.

Geofencing Solutions

Chetu’s experts configure world-class geofencing solutions for brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants to increase on-premise engagement through loyalty features, arrival detection for order-ahead programs, location-triggered notifications, and more.

E-Commerce Solutions

We build and customize e-commerce solutions that enable brick-and-mortar retailers to implement and manage online stores with centralized product catalogs for in-store and online sales. Retailers can use these solutions to update shipping rules, availability, and pricing.

Space Management Solutions

Our engineers develop custom solutions that use AI-driven technology to determine space occupancy data and use it to manage product placement and identify underutilized space. We also integrate third-party wayfinding systems, product locators, and digital signage.

Checkoutless Shopping Solutions

As checkoutless shopping grows increasingly popular, we have become adept at creating “scan-and-go” and “just walk out” solutions that utilize barcode scanning technology, computer vision, and weight sensors to allow customers to shop using their mobile devices.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions

We develop, integrate, and customize human capital management (HCM) software solutions to evaluate employee performance, create schedules, track time and attendance, configure payroll, manage compliance matters, and more in a centralized repository.

Custom Brick-and-Mortar Retail Features

We program custom features to automate, optimize, and simplify brick-and-mortar retailing processes and create a one-stop-shop solution for managing inventory, e-commerce sales, employees, and more.

Digital Signage

We implement digital signage in brick-and-mortar establishments and integrate it with your content management system (CMS) to provide real-time broadcasting and updates.

Interactive Hangers

Our developers program interactive hangers (IH) that can be updated with visual media that plays on a nearby screen when triggered by a customer.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Chetu provides augmented reality (AR) features to project virtual representations of merchandise that customers can use to order online and see more accurate product reviews.

Image Recognition

We program photo capture and image recognition features that enable you to automatically and accurately tag and analyze products on shelves or menus by taking a photo.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Implementing near field communication (NFC) technology enables customers to see products and pricing in real time, access loyalty programs, and share content on social media.

Mobile Fulfillment

We engineer features to manage and fulfill mobile orders with in-store pickup; contactless curbside pickup; and “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS) processes.

Automation in Brick-and-Mortar Retail Software

Smart Shelves Technology

Smart shelves use digital shelf labels, electronic shelf labels, IoT sensors, and digital price displays to record real-time stock. Chetu’s developers can integrate this technology with shelf management and inventory tracking systems to make sure it’s operating seamlessly, making store manager’s jobs easier.

Store Layout Optimization

By arranging shelves and products according to impulse buying patterns, enhancing visual merchandising, managing traffic flow, and improving in-store navigation, stores can stay ahead of their competition. We offer store layout solutions through technology that analyzes store and customer data and designs shelf arrangements, providing what your customers need intuitively.

AI Optimal Pricing

AI optimal pricing is so crucial to a store because with competitive analysis, customer segmentation, and dynamic pricing algorithms, prices can be adjusted to make the most profit for a store. These adjustments are calculated by AI based on demand forecasting, elasticity measurement, and historical data analysis.

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Support Services

Installation & Setup

Chetu ensures compatibility and integration with existing POS systems, ERP software, and inventory management systems. We set up and secure network connections while installing sensors, RFID readers, cameras, and other hardware components to create a seamless, efficient AI-enhanced store environment.

Software Support

Our team provides crucial support to brick-and-mortar businesses by maintaining and updating inventory management software. We also install and configure software for data collection, processing, and analysis, ensuring efficient store operations and the best use of brick-and-mortar technology.

Staff Training Programs

At Chetu, we believe great companies have great support. That’s why we train staff at brick-and-mortar businesses to effectively use smart shelf systems and provide a helpdesk for reporting issues and seeking assistance. Along with seamlessly integrated technology, Chetu makes sure your technology runs smoothly and benefits your business the best it can.

Custom Brick-and-Mortar Integrations

We seamlessly integrate with industry-leading third-party software to create a robust and comprehensive solution to streamline workflows and optimize customer experiences.



We integrate with Shopify to provide brick-and-mortar retailers with a professional online storefront, payment solution, and POS system all in one place.



Magento uses features like a store locator and real-time product availability displays to combine physical and online stores into a single entity.



Our developers provide integrations with PrestaShop to enable brick-and-mortar retailers to operate on a larger scale with modules for performance analysis and web marketing.



We integrate with BigCommerce to provide any size brick-and-mortar business with enterprise-grade functionality to quickly grow and innovate online.



By integrating with WooCommerce, we provide brick-and-mortar retailers with an easy way to create their personalized online store with custom themes and payment/shipping options.



Our experts integrate with Volusion to enable brick-and-mortar businesses to optimize their online stores with many professional e-commerce design templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brick-and-mortar technology powers digital payment systems, software that keeps track of inventory, convenient self-checkout machines, and security cameras within physical stores. This greatly enhances the valuable customers’ experiences and physical store operations.

Brick-and-mortar businesses are, as the name suggests, made of physical materials. They provide face-to-face customer service and sell physical products that customers buy immediately in-store. Often, they use physical marketing like signs and window displays.

Brick-and-mortar stores are central to society and economy. Businesses like grocery stores, bookstores, pharmacies, clothing stores, and hardware stores, are different types of brick-and-mortar stores. All of these benefit from brick-and-mortar technology developed at Chetu.

Smart shelves, like those designed with Chetu, use sensors, RFID tags, and cameras to track inventory as it leaves the shelves. They notify staff when items are low, detect misplaced products, and track customer behavior.


Drop us a line or give us a ring with any questions regarding our brick-and-mortar software solutions or retail software development. We’d love to hear from you and would be happy to answer your questions.

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