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For a CBD Business, selling products online should not be difficult, but yes, CBD products are becoming more and more regulated. No matter which is the plant that they have been derived from, CBD products are associated as "high-risk" products, meaning that most financial institutions and commonly used payment processors such as PayPal, do not accept CBD transactions. As a result, many CBD brands and online companies were struggling because the CBD industry's top obstacles have always been finding a credit card processing system for CBD products, a merchant service provider, and opening a business bank account. It used to be extremely difficult to the point of quitting the project or investment until BigCommerce introduced a streamlined way for merchants to sell CBD products online by launching their BigCommerce for Hemp & CBD platform. Although there are a few eCommerce platforms to choose from, we will outline why BigCommerce is the best solution for selling CBD products online today.

Why Choose BigCommerce?

With BigCommerce, you can pay to play, meaning that you can sell it if it's legal. Your online store will not get deactivated if the eCommerce platform where you are selling your CBD, suddenly decides that your products do not comply with their terms and conditions, like some other platforms. Therefore, you can be assured that your investment towards your CBD related business is secure thanks to BigCommerce’s Hemp & CBD policies.

Moreover, BigCommerce offers over 60 payment gateways; since only some payment processors accept CBD sales, most CBD merchants are excluded from using the majority of eCommerce platforms. However, in BigCommerce, the merchant can choose a payment processor that will process CBD transactions.

How is BigCommerce Helping Merchants? What Solutions do They Give?

In August of 2019, BigCommerce rolled out the first dedicated eCommerce product offering explicitly designed for the Hemp and CBD industry. Their main goal was to provide merchants selling legal CBD a guided path to create a reliable and scalable eCommerce presence with BigCommerce and their friendly approach towards CBD and Hemp oil.

Moreover, BigCommerce is a secure and fast platform with an open SaaS structure that lets merchants create a customized buying/shopping experience for their customers that will drive conversions and help build relationships with their customers.

Cannabis plant, spoon holding cannabis seeds, cannabis gel capsules and glass jar holding hemp oil representing the products sold using a CBD payment processor.

How are BigCommerce solutions different from other platforms?

BigCommerce's huge commitment towards its customers was shown by its pioneering into CBD Ecommerce with the BigCommerce for Help and CBD platform, even for those customers that manage products labeled as "high-risk."

Other platforms have recently followed BigCommerce's lead into the CBD market. However, even though they freely allow the selling of CBD products, their payment gateway does not allow CBD transactions, which means that the merchant needs to use a third-party CBD payment processing system that charges them a fee for each transaction, discouraging merchants by making them pay thousands of dollars on fees.

However, the future is looking bright for cannabis business owners, some industries experts think that the impeding SAFE Banking Act will help defeat the issues that most cannabis companies face when finding secure and reliable payment processing services and financing to access the banking system. If passed, it will be a step towards legalizing the sale of cannabis and a booming $20b industry.

Map of Ecommerce platform where CBD payment processor can be used to sell products online.

To Conclude: The Best CBD Ecommerce Platform is BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the best option for any Hemp Oil or CBD business selling products online. As long as these vendors are operating within federal and local regulations, BigCommerce will support them. As a BigCommerce partner, our BigCommerce experts help businesses succeed in the CBD and Hemp oil eCommerce market.

We cover all your eCommerce needs, and our consultants know how to boost your eCommerce business with a solution tailored to your needs. Additionally, we provide complete end-to-end BigCommerce services, including implementation and integrations, custom extensions, app development, consulting, support, and more. Chetu's BigCommerce experts know precisely how to ensure that your solution will scale and grow with your business, whether B2B or B2C. We also know how to ensure optimal performance that will leave your competitors far behind. If you are ready to take your CBD and Hemp Oil business to the next level, schedule a call with our BigCommerce experts to skyrocket your sales.


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