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e280: The Consumer and Back-end via Verifone Development

Written by Jaideep Sharma
Jaideep Sharma

Jaideep Sharma

As the world of retail continues to grow, consumer attitudes and engagement with payment processes are changing also. Nowadays, big businesses in payments are strategizing ways to engage consumers by reducing checkout processes in order to increase revenue and keep customers happy. Verifone, a Chetu partner and one of the world's largest POS terminal vendors and leading providers of payments and commerce solutions, have discovered a new and convenient way to modify the in-store relationship between consumer and checkout through a device called e280. As a consumer or retail/payments group, it may be useful to know and understand the significance of Verifone's e280 by considering what it means for consumers and how software companies like Chetu work to provide the best solutions for mobile devices alike.

Straight to the Facts

The handy-dandy e280 device allows users to: Enable self-checkout kiosks, pair to a POS app &/or gateway, and securely accept all payment types for customers. Unlike the e-285, another mobile device by Verifone with similar capabilities to the e280, the e280 is a full-touch device that has up to 10 hours of battery time. Longer battery time equates to more room to complete tasks and perhaps, less issues at checkout.

The Customer Experience

Let's face it, consumers want a quick and easy checkout once their done shopping. Long lines and issues at kiosks can negatively affect how the consumer thinks or feels about their entire shopping experience. Admittedly, slow checkout and long lines tend to be two of the biggest problems customers have.

VeriFone's e280 is an mPOS (mobile point of sale) remote system that allows micro merchants and tier 1 retailers to complete transactions anywhere in the store. Imagine a customer inside of their favorite store doing some shopping. Once he/she has gotten all of the items they want and need, they're ready for checkout. The customer arrives to self-checkout and begins to scan their items. As the customer scans, an issue occurs at the kiosk that prevents him/her from scanning any other items. Now the customer is frustrated. The next step the customer may take is to call for a staff member to assist with the issue. As the customer waits for help, he/she notices extraneous activity happening in the store that requires the attention of a staff member including: customers who are experiencing the same issue at a kiosk or a spill in the store that obviously requires immediate attention. Before the customer knows it, they're stuck at the kiosk in what seems like forever waiting for help. Luckily, with the convenience of the e280, merchants or store staff are able to enable self-checkout kiosks and perform transactions wherever they are in the store, thus, eliminating these kinds of issues and ultimately, speeding up the checkout process.

Managing Mobile Payment Processing Apps and Devices Like the e280

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Nevertheless, wherever there is technology, there is software development. Chetu specializes in creating the best software solutions dedicated to the payments sector for partners and companies like Verifone. With lengthy experience in the payments industry, Chetu can help grow businesses through customized POS or mobile solutions via 3rd party structures.

When it comes to software development, the backend is just as important as the front end. In order for a business to run smoothly using a device like e280 or any mobile device and POS system, the software behind the machine or device must be efficient and properly developed; this is where Chetu comes in.

Chetu developers create and customize a wide range of mobile and POS systems including:

  • Custom mobile payment systems

  • Mobile payment processing solutions

  • Payment integration with mobile apps

  • Mobile transaction services

  • Mobile payment security

  • EMV development services

  • Multi-currency processing solutions

  • Fraud protection for payment processors

  • Custom integration with Verifone APIs including VeriCentre and more

For consumers, the front-end experience is typically what matters, however, the backend is what keeps the system going.

Chetu offers top of the line software solutions to help businesses operate at its best. Explore Chetu's software solutions today by visiting our site at and expect the launch of Verifone's e280 in the spring of 2018!


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