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The Ultimate Guide to Custom BigCommerce Checkout

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood

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Online merchants spend millions of dollars to get customers shopping on their websites. They invest in marketing programs to bring users to the site, and they partner with professional developers to make the site attractive and user-friendly. Yet, one of the biggest frustrations of e-commerce is the number of carts that shoppers abandon without converting to a paid order.

Some shoppers use the carts to comparison shop. They exit the site when they find a better deal. Unfortunately, many other shoppers step away when the checkout process takes too long or becomes too complicated. Using a resource like the Optimized One-Page Checkout by BigCommerce will streamline the payment process and improve a site's conversion rate.

Special Considerations for Checkout Pages

The checkout page of a merchant's website is the final step in an online shopping session. Creating a smooth experience means that customers are less likely to change their minds before submitting a payment.

Page Speed and Performance

Page speed is the measure of how long it takes for data to display on a webpage. Pictures, JavaScript code, and third-party applications will lengthen the amount of time it takes for a page to load. On a checkout page, the longer the page takes to display, the more time a customer has to walk away.

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of rules set up by major credit card companies for online transactions. When a website is PCI compliant, it meets the security standards set by this group. BigCommerce's Optimized One-Page Checkout is PCI compliant in its native form.

Developers must be aware that customizing the One-Page Checkout could affect the page's PCI compliance status. This change is primarily an issue when a developer changes the underlying JavaScript.

User-Friendly Experience

Merchants looking to customize One-Page Checkout must also consider the user experience. It may be tempting to add extra form entries to receive more client information. However, if the custom features make it taxing to fill out the form, it will lower the site's conversion rate.

Allowing for Different Payment Options

It used to be that e-commerce payments mainly were a matter of processing credit and debit card information. Today, more consumers come to websites looking for new options like EFTs, digital wallets, and split payments.


Many consumers enjoy the security of a PayPal account. However, going to the PayPal website will increase the checkout time. BigCommerce lets users access their PayPal accounts without leaving the merchant's checkout page.


Clover is one of the most flexible payment gateways. It is the perfect option for stores that offer both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar locations. By setting up a BigCommerce checkout page with Clover, merchants can use the same account for e-commerce and POS transactions. is Visa's payment gateway geared to small e-commerce businesses. It allows merchants to accept significant credit card payments and digital payment methods like PayPal and ApplePay.

Amazon Payments

Connecting BigCommerce with AmazonPay can remove a great deal of friction from the checkout process. When consumers access their Amazon accounts, the site will automatically fill in their billing and shipping information.


Stripe is a world leader in payment processing. Because the company has a global reach, it is a good choice for businesses with an international customer base. When connected with BigCommerce, it will automatically handle currency conversions.

Customization Options

Every business is different, and merchants may need unique features for their online commerce sites. BigCommerce allows for a variety of customized possibilities.

UI Styles

The most straightforward changes involve personalizing the look of the checkout page. BigCommerce provides no-code resources to update colors, sizes, and other CSS style options.

Responsive Performance

The site must function well across devices with different viewing sizes. Developers can use media queries to adjust the look of the site on smaller, mobile devices.

Multi-Language Forms

Global merchants may want their web pages available in several languages. A developer can change the text directly or have the site connect automatically to a translation app.

Additional Form Entries

Merchants can add extra form entries to receive more information from a customer.

JavaScript Additions

Developers can add functionality and features by working with the page's JavaScript code. For example, many checkout sites display alerts when there is missing or improperly formatted information. In addition to the default BigCommerce alerts, a developer can add merchant-specific alerts.

Headless Checkout

For a fully customized checkout experience, BigCommerce allows for a headless checkout page. Working with the Checkout JS SDK, developers can create a custom frontend site that uses BigCommerce's backend checkout resources. The page will still process information through the Storefront Checkout API, but it will not be constrained by the standard BigCommerce visual styles and format.

Working with a BigCommerce Development Partner

The further a custom site gets from the BigCommerce template, the more likely it will have errors that disrupt performance. When clients are looking for BigCommerce customization, they must work with an experienced development partner. At Chetu, our team of BigCommerce developers can provide attractive storefronts, user-friendly interfaces, and intelligent integrations that will convert abandoned carts into successful orders.


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