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Optimizing The Future With 5G Technology

William DawseyBy: William Dawsey


As the world continues its inevitable course toward being more interconnected and digital, 5G networks will be the bridge to making it possible. That said, society has yet to scratch the surface of what the next generation of mobile networks offers, as the rollout has proven to be complicated and slow. So if the destination is far off, what's the point of discussing it now?

As it turns out, the current mobile network, 4G LTE, struggles with network capacity, speed, reliability, and overall consistent quality. Therefore, various industries and consumers' day-to-day lives will be better with a mobile network that can connect many devices simultaneously without giving up bandwidth. Even greater things can be achieved with an efficient network and the work of expert developers.

The Next Generation of Mobile Connectivity

Mobile networks have come a long way since their introduction in the 1980s, from analog voice communication to having access to the largest library of information known to man, all in a size that can fit in a pocket. Genius minds and hardware innovations have made these impossibilities reality.

There are noticeable jumps from 1G to 2G, and so on. With our current dominant mobile network being 4G LTE, it's easy to think how we can't possibly move any further. Even so, the seemingly perpetual expansion of the human population and the trajectory of society on a technological level demand something better.

As it stands, 5G is being implemented within the established 4G LTE infrastructure. With the utilization of higher frequency radio waves and wide use of "small cells" in cities and globally, differences can then be seen in the following:

How 5G Works to Optimize the Future

It's safe to say that all industries will be affected by the complete availability of 5G. The interconnectivity and overall network upgrade available to consumers, companies, and developers will make for some impressive changes.

  1. Manufacturing

    1. 5G, as a faster, higher capacity, and more reliable mobile network, will make it so that "factories can bring IoT technology to virtually any machine."

      1. Manufacturers, with the help of a software development company, can then apply predictive maintenance and increase the efficiency of automated tasks.

  2. Healthcare

    1. The healthcare industry is currently using cloud-based solutions to store sensitive patient information. Even so, the adoption of said method in healthcare organizations "has been slow."

    2. 5G, since it would require new hardware to be introduced into our technological landscape, is built into the future. Its benefits would ensure patients receive the proper attention due to data transfers being far faster and more reliable.

      1. Mixing this with other technologies such as VR and AR, it may even be possible to revolutionize surgical procedures with remote-controlled surgeries! Allowing people worldwide to receive the best care they can.

  3. Gaming

    1. The mobile gaming market will see the most improvement from 5G. Less lag, latency, faster matchmaking, and streaming titles would be far easier. This upgrade would mean that one of the most revenue-generating gaming sections could thrive further and make better entertainment.

  4. Day-to-Day

    1. Our day-to-day lives can change as well. From the capabilities of a "Smart City" to the potential of automated cars.

      1. Internet of Things (IoT) capable devices can be further optimized for greater battery durability.

      2. The 5G network's higher capacity can make it easier for many internet-capable devices to connect without giving up bandwidth.

      3. Mobility, specifically vehicular, will be revolutionized by allowing newer models of cars to "speak with one another" and avoid accidents while automatically driving.

      4. Teaching and guidance can be bettered through VR and AR solutions, aiding in creating a more knowledgeable generation and society.

An Exciting Future

5G, while not the dominant mobile network, is a versatile inevitability. The United States alone is on an upward slope of having it incorporated more and more every year. In the most recent report by whistleOut, over 53% of cities have become 5G enabled. That same statistic, however, shines a light on the crutch of the whole thing.

The lack of normativity regarding 5G networks makes the technology difficult to adopt on a grander scale. Even so, there will be various advancements that society will see as a whole, whether it's the simple boosting of internet speeds, automation of cars, or the full-on next-gen approach to remote surgeries.

Many industries will see benefits in the future with the right software developer working at their side to make the best out of the cutting-edge technology that is 5G. While some have already begun this process with the advent of 5G-capable cell phones, it's truly exciting to see how far things will go within the entertainment, healthcare, and manufacturing spaces, as well as others, as we continue moving forward.


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