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Lottery Management Software


Chetu's Custom Developed Digital Lottery Software Adheres to Regulatory Standards

Chetu's digital lottery software development, integration, and implementation experts are compliant with regulatory standards inherent to the gaming industry including GLI-11 through GLI-31, online gaming certificate for Malta Gaming Board, jurisdiction certificate for Bahamas Regulatory, gaming certificates for Isle of Man, non-jurisdiction certification for player portal, BMM Labs, and SQS Labs.

Lottery Software Solutions

Lottery Software Solutions

Chetu provides custom lottery software solutions such as powerball mega millions lottery software lottery types using six to 20 balls or develop standard lottery consisting of three, four, and five balls. We also develop lottery number selection modules for manual, smart, and auto pick options, as well as box betting types.

Lottery Software Management

Lottery Management Software

Our lottery management software solutions maximize performance by integrating primary and secondary databases for the movement of data and develop play by drawing and play by number gaming options with manual and auto drawing capabilities.

Online Lottery Software Solutions

Online Lottery Software Solutions

Our online lottery software services provide features such as retailer, promotions and business analytics management, virtual ticket support, lottery administration, and payment system integration with gateways such as Skrill, Neteller, Ayden, and Intercash.

2D and 3D Lottery Design

2D and 3D Lottery Design

Our 2D and 3D lottery design solutions leverage programming languages and platforms such as.NET, JQuery, MVC, HTML5, SQL Server, and Flash, as well as develop 3D assets with Unity, Maya, and Flash tools.

Lottery Mobile App Services

Lottery Mobile App Services

We develop custom UI/UX software for lottery mobile systems that enable customized push notifications with winning numbers and jackpot alerts, lottery tickets, and user-friendly ticket checking for scanning.

Lottery Kiosk Solutions

Lottery Kiosk Solutions

Our experts create lottery kiosk solutions that enable accurate play slip and QR code reading, as well as lottery and scratch ticket barcode reading and processing, and receipt printing.

RNG Lottery Solutions

RNG Lottery Solutions

We engineer and integrate reliable Random Number Generator (RNG) logic for the lottery using Mersenne Twister and Microsoft RNG library.

TinBu API Integration – Lottery Feeds

TinBu API Integration – Lottery Feeds

Our developers integrate TinBu APIs for displaying winning lottery feeds from across the globe, including the popular Mega Millions and Power Ball.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Lottery Management

Chetu’s software experts design, enhance, and integrate customized digital lottery software solutions utilizing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence resources. In compliance with all gaming industry regulations and standards, our dedicated developers create and deploy customized solutions to enhance lottery management platforms.

AI-Driven Lottery Analytics

Chetu’s software specialists enable actionable insights by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to gain exclusive knowledge of player demographics, ticket sales, buyer frequency, and winning patterns. Our expert-level developers utilize powerful analytics tools and customized parameters to offer detailed, highly nuanced reports of lottery activities and functionalities.

Automated Lottery Management

Chetu’s software experts design and implement automated lottery management programs to eliminate manual data entry and repetitive tasks. Our data management experts enhance automation to create seamless ticket sale and purchase experiences, equal enforcement of protocols and player rules, and expedient document processing services.

AI Lottery Fraud Detection

Chetu’s anti-fraud experts program and deploy cutting-edge AI-driven, anti-fraud detection software to proactively identify and prevent fraud. Eliminate high expenses associated with countering fraud by utilizing Chetu’s software experts to not only create anti-fraud programs, but to enable active monitoring of all lottery activities and ensure that all AI-driven, anti-fraud measures are deployed.

Lottery Sales Optimization

Utilizing powerful Artificial Intelligence resources, Chetu’s dedicated developers design and deploy intuitive lottery promotions capabilities to engage players, drive sales, and boost revenue. Creating user-friendly platforms to optimize player retention and attract new sales opportunities, Chetu’s skilled software designers enable your business to capture market share.

AI Lottery Ticket Scanning

Chetu’s expert-level software developers design and implement accurate and efficient ticket scanning features driven by powerful AI tech, eliminating human error and providing all players and businesses expedient results. Enhanced by our software specialists, our ticket scanning technology resources ensure fraud-free results that streamline all gaming processes.

AI Lottery Draw System

Trust our AI software experts to design and deploy random number generation platforms to eliminate human error associated with manual drawing methodologies. Chetu implements AI to ensure tamper-free results while analytics generate reports on patterns to ultimately eliminate any number redundancy and facilitate accuracy for all players.

Lottery System Software Support

Chetu’s support team will ensure that your lottery software system, whether new or legacy, remains updated, secure, easy to use, and adheres to your organization's regulatory environment.

Legacy Lottery Mainframe Update Assistance

Many lottery organizations rely on outdated mainframe legacy solutions, which have become complex, difficult to maintain, and often unreliable. Chetu’s experienced team can help lottery companies with lottery management software support and update their software and systems by rehosting, refactoring, or replacing legacy mainframe systems altogether, depending on our client’s goals and needs, guiding organizations by giving them the most efficient and cost-effective plan for effective change.

Regulatory-Compliant Lottery Software Upgrade Support

Our software team will ensure your lottery software remains compliant with all regional, national, and international regulations, where applicable. Our support covers the complex state and federal lottery commission policies, compact rules, and federal reporting standards. To ensure that your organization remains compliant, we offer a broad range of services, including integrations with third-party audits, risk-based security assessments, product integrity, fraud detection, identity verification, and other aspects of software support for security and end-user ease of use.

Lottery Draw Automation Support

Almost all lottery organizations have systems which use hardware and software solutions that automatically select random numbers and then announce those winning numbers. Our engineers support your legacy as well as new hardware and software systems that generate random numbers or use live ball drawings. We can support creating, integrating, and continually updating your lottery draw automation.

Multi-State Lottery Game Integration Support

Our experts are dedicated to providing premium multi-state lottery game integration support for software or hardware by upgrading, maintaining, and integrating industry software. Our support includes automatic updating, integration services, legacy support, and the creation of modules or an entire system from scratch. We can integrate LMGs (Lottery Management Systems), RNGs (Random Number Generators), POS (Point of Sale systems), and your data analytics tools.

Frequent Asked Questions about Lottery Mgmt Software

With over two decades of experience as a trusted software development provider, Chetu provides scalable resources to develop world-class solutions customized to fit the needs of the client. Our lottery management software experts leverage cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence to build innovative lottery management platforms.

Lottery software delivers a multitude of benefits for operators by automating tasks like ticket sales, draw management, and prize distribution. Ultimately, this software implementation can lead to enhanced efficiency. Plus, with our attentive approach to development, you can ensure high security and minimize the risk of fraud. Furthermore, your customers have a better user experience and you’ll be able to extract valuable insights for data analysis and better decision making.

Yes! We believe that our software solutions should be versatile, scalable, and flexible. Therefore, our API capabilities allow us to integrate your custom solution into your existing platform and add new games and functionalities if desired. Chetu’s adaptability will ensure that you can stay up-to-date and cater to your players accordingly.

No, AI lottery software cannot guarantee winning the lottery. By their nature, lottery games are based on chance; no software or AI can predict, with certainty, the winning numbers. However, AI can be used to analyze historical data, ID patterns and deliver insights to optimize lottery operations.

Yes. Our support covers integration with established lottery systems. Through API knowledge and collaboration to deliver seamless interoperability between our software and other lottery systems.

As your software developer, we’ll ensure fairness in winner selection through sophisticated algorithms for random number generation, ultimately eliminating bias or predictability. Plus, with clarity maintained throughout the process, players will be allowed to verify results and secure that no manipulation occurs. Additionally, with robust security measures like advanced encryption, operators will be secure in a fair and secure experience.

Expanding on the aforementioned “robust security measures,” our various encryption solutions, firewalls, and regular security audits, among other industry practices, will ensure in-depth and secure software.

There are many factors you’ll need to take into account when choosing your AI lottery software. However, with our communication-first approach, we’ll help you navigate these factors, whether covering essential aspects, determining adaptability, or ensuring you’ll have reliable support after the project is complete.

We’re dedicated to provide support to you on a 24/7 basis. Whether through system diagnostics, patches, or updates – we’re here to provide a timely and effective resolution.

For ongoing support, we offer our Block of Hours program. Through this, you’ll be able to have integration, customization, and other support services at a more cost-effective rate.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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